Nov 22, 2012

Five Guys Burgers and Fries: 3.5 stars

Five Guys

They have some fun singing employees here. And our potatoes were from Idaho and Washington today. But it was tricky with the whole "burger" versus "little burger" thing, and not explaining anywhere what that meant. Sara appreciated the napkins. I might, at one point, have said, "It's messy, it's messy, it's messy! Holy crap, I have mushrooms!"

Can I just say that Five Guys is far away? It took us 45 minutes to get there. We looked it up, and the two that were closest (according to google) were in Boulder and Aurora. There was only like a 3-minute difference between how long it would take to get to either place, so we picked Aurora, because I used to work around there ish. When we finally did get there, we ordered a burger, all the way, and a side of small fries. And two drinks. Sara's bun had a hole randomly in the top, so after we took the picture, she put a fry in it.

Freshness: 10,10
Juiciness: 10, 10
Deliciousness: 10 10
[Bun-soakage: 8, 10]
Flavor-awesomeness: 10, 10
Uniqueness: 7, 6
Condiment-ratio: 3, 2
[Greasiness: 1, 1]
Appearance: 5, 4
Side-dish deliciousness: 6, 6
Side-dish uniqueness: 2, 2
Price: 7, 7
Fullness-level: 10, 10
[Messiness: 10, 10]

My first bite. It was a little overwhelming. I've got some more pretty funny pictures of the both of us trying to eat this burger.

Sara's first bite.

So, I really think it would be helpful if, somewhere on this menu, they mentioned that the difference between the burger and the little burger was that a little burger has one patty, the regular burger has two (and if it is actually on the menu, perhaps it should be a touch more noticeable). That probably would've changed our order. I mean, those are thick patties! It's like the size of a homemade burger! I would never double that up. Talk about the mother of all giant sandwiches. And our fries! We got a small, and they still spilled way over into the bag. I'd say we could have filled another half an order of fries. It was pretty sweet. Just waaay more food than I anticipated getting. But they actually had a really cool menu, and I thought it had a unique set-up. You choose whether you want a burger or a little burger, and then you personally go through and choose which toppings you want put on it. The toppings are either listed on the menu in black or red, and if you order your burger with everything or all the way, then you get all the toppings in black. It was really cool. They don't have like fancy different meats for your burger or anything, but this was definitely not something I've seen before. It was fantastic.

As was the burger! So delicious. As I mentioned, it had two thick patties on it, so this was definitely not a lame, dinky little McDonald's happy meal. This was something my jaw barely opens big enough to eat. Pure awesome. And, even though we ordered the burger with everything on it, they didn't skimp on anything. We had tons of mushrooms, more than enough tomatoes pickles, grilled onions. It did make things rather messy. Toppings falling out left and right, juices dripping down my hands, my bun starting to fall apart. I definitely utilized my napkins, and unfortunately, the rating took a pretty big hit because of the messiness, bun-soakage and condiment-ratio sections. Also the side-dish uniqueness. All we saw were fries-- and they were delicious, just not very original.

The toppings that fell out of Sara's burger. Totally enough to furnish another burger!

This was probably one of my favorite places we've gone, though, and I wish there was one slightly closer to home. Sara and I each spent ten bucks, give or take fifty cents, and given how much food we got, that's a pretty good deal. Each time we do this, we finish rating and eating our burgers, and I always go through and calculate what the average rating of the burger was, and then consequently how many stars it gets. We've done one restaurant in the past that I remember being super delicious, but also pretty messy, and so its rating suffered. It makes me feel kinda guilty, and this restaurant falls in the same category. Five Guys deserves a better rating than we ended up giving it. I mean, I stand by each of the categories' ratings, but I wish that I had made some of the categories on a scale of 1-5 instead of 1-10 so that they wouldn't have such a detrimental effect on the overall score.

With the way the math all worked out, though, Five Guys Burgers and Fries gets an average rating of 6.6 from me and 6.3 from Sara, making a total of:

Nov 12, 2012

Is that Iago?

So I'm just sitting here listening to Disney music while looking at slowrobot, and there's this weird part of A Whole New World that I don't really remember hearing before.

It's annoying and screechy, and it's going off in beat with the music. What part of the movie includes this weird noise? Is it Iago doing something weird that I just can't remember happening?

Turns out it's just an alarm. Wizard's alarm, to be specific. It was going off and I thought it was part of the movie. Haha. I thought that an alarm-- which is obnoxious enough to wake someone from a dead sleep-- was part of a Disney song. The inner child in me would probably be crying right now, except it would appear I killed it a while ago, since I couldn't tell the difference between an alarm and a Disney song.

An alarm. Part of a Disney song.

Don't mind me, I'm just going to go watch Aladdin on VHS until my childhood repairs itself.

Nov 7, 2012

This is exactly why it's just better to never prepare.

I am having such a hard time concentrating on anything today. I started writing this like an hour ago and just sat here being distracted by facebook and youtube. Not as bad as leaving something in my drafts for months, right Chaelomen? Shinobi?

So remember that one time when I said I was going to take a year off of school? Haha. I love the lies.

Metro is considering changing the requirements for a chemistry degree with a criminalistics concentration. I don't know what all they'll change, but I've heard definite word that they're going to have some different classes changed out. This doesn't actually mean too much for me, as long as I stay an active student at school. And to stay an active student at school, I just can't take more than 2 consecutive semesters off of school. If I do, then I'm considered a drop out and I have to reapply to the school to get in. Metro has an open-enrollment policy (so anyone who's over 20 just has to apply and they're accepted in), so there wouldn't be any terrible effects from me taking the full year off school.

But if I take off a full year, and they decide in that time to change the requirements of my degree, I'm now forced to abide by the new requirements. If I stay active the entire time, then I can choose whether I want to switch to the new requirements or stick with the old ones that I started out with. Which is a nice choice to have, because what if half the classes I've already taken aren't on the new list? I would really hate for all those classes to have gone to waste.

The odds of that happening are really really slim, though. If they do change the requirements before fall of 2013 (when I was originally planning on going back), it probably won't affect any of the classes I need to take for my major. It's just a guess, but I'm pretty sure gen chem, intro to criminal justice, physics, and intro to ethics will all still be required. Actually, ethics might not be. But it would be nice if they took calculus off the list, that way I wouldn't have to retake it before I graduate (the D I got in that class is good enough to let me take classes I needed it as a prereq for, but not good enough to graduate with. So as long as it's listed as one of the classes I need for my degree, I have to retake it).

My point being that I haven't taken many classes that they would randomly decide to not require for the degree, but it will still be nice to have the option to choose which set of requirements I want to use. So maybe a month ago, I decided to take sign language this upcoming spring semester. I would technically be going to school, but I actually already know a decent amount of signs, so it wouldn't be too hard or anything. It would just be a fun class to take to keep my status as active, and only taking one class would still make it kinda feel like I was taking the semester off of school.

Well a couple of days ago I was going to register, and I remembered that next fall I actually really wanted to take physical chem, and intro to criminalistics, but I can't take either until I take analytical chem. I meant to take analytical chem like a solid year and a half ago, but the classes always kept filling up before I could get them. So now that I have junior status and can register earlier than I've ever been able to before, it would be really wise to take it now. Then I can have an awesome fall semester! Plus, it's been a while since I've been in a chemistry class and I miss it.

I'm only taking those two classes (8 credits, 3 for ASL, 3 for a chem, 2 for lab), so it should still be  pretty nice semester, and a good transition into school again. Hopefully I can take p chem, o chem, and intro to criminalistics in the fall. To prevent future burning-out, I think I will not ever take a summer class again. Haha. Keep that semester off.

But yes. That is the story of how I planned to take off a year and then managed to mess that up and all of the plans I had going along with my year off. Maybe I should stop trying to make long-term plans since I always seem to change my mind about them.

Also, everyone remember that there's another blog down there. vvv (those are supposed to be arrows)
I need everyone to go read it and help me!

Nov 6, 2012

What next?

Alright, here's the deal. When Sara and I started our burger-rating adventures, we had a giant list of places to hit up. Not a physical list, just something we knew about and wanted to get through.

I can't remember anything on there to save my life. Maybe we've already gone through most of the list? I don't know. But now I'm calling on the blogging world to help us out. What places in the Denver/Thornton ish area sell burgers? It doesn't have to be the best burger you've ever had or anything-- it can even be the worst burger you've ever had-- but I'm personally running out of ideas.

Next on our list (maybe this weekend) we're going to Five Guys, so you can leave that off the list if you must.

I know we need to hit up Good Times, McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King.

We'll probably also get to Chili's, Applebee's, Gunther Toody's, TGI Friday's, Paramount Cafe, and Hard Rock Cafe.

But aside from those, I can't think of anywhere we'll want to go. I know I actually listed a decent amount, but there has to be more! If anyone is aware of anywhere that sells burgers that I haven't mentioned, please please PLEASE leave a comment and tell us.

In this comment, I would like you to say which restaurant it is, and if they sell mostly exclusively burgers, or if burgers just happens to be something they have on their menu. If you know where one is, it'd be cool if you gave us the cross streets, but we can google it so that's not too important.

Please leave ANYTHING we missed. Fast food, sit down, little tiny stands that are chilling out on 16th St Mall. Even if you've mentioned it on a previous post, I would like you to please comment here again. It would be nice to have everything complied into one post so that I know exactly where to look for it.

Where we've already been, for those still catching up: Larkburger, Smashburger, Culver's, Jim's Burger Haven, and H Burger.

Ready... GO!

Nov 4, 2012

It's the F-L-O-B-O-T-S; what did you expect?

About a week and a half ago, I was listening to KTCL (that's a radio station), and they were just about to play Make It Stop. This is a game where they play some crap song until someone calls in with the correct song title and artist, and then they stop the song and give the person a prize. The prize this particular week was tickets to go see the Flobots at the Gothic on 11/3. I was so excited to hear that this was the prize (because, as I said in my Liebster or something awards, Flobots are one one my top two favorite bands). I ran over to the phone to get ready to call in and try to win tickets, and then the song started playing on the radio.

I have no idea what this song is. Never heard it before it my life. Could have googled it, but someone else would most likely have called in at that point with the right answer. But this is the Flobots! I can't just not go see them play live! So a day or two later, I decided to buy tickets. :D SO EXCITING! I bought two, hoping to find someone who would want to go with me. Unfortunately, most of my friends only know two Flobots songs (or, they think they only know two, but they actually know five. They just don't know that the other three songs are Flobots): Handlebars, and Circle in the Square (they also know White Flag Warrior and Rise and Stand Up). And they were all at a friend's coming home party. And they mostly weren't too interested in going. Or had to wake up early. Or any combination of the above. So I ended up going alone, but it was still so much fun. Going to concerts stag is not as bad as I always imagined it would be. And this was single-handedly the best concert I've ever been to.

Astronautalis and My Body Sings Electric opened for Flobots (though not in that order) and I actually missed all of My Body Sings Electric (I was at the welcome-home/Halloween party for Trey who just got back from Basic and AIT training-- he's Army Reserves-- and left a little later than I should have, and then the line for Will Call tickets was really long and slow). Doors opened at 8, concert started at 9, I probably got in line for Will Call at like 9:25 (I would have gotten there 15 min earlier, but I couldn't find anywhere to park that was public... I wasn't even looking for free, I was just looking to find a lot that didn't tell me they would tow my car. I gave up with that and decided to take my chances on getting towed and parked for free in a King Sooper's parking lot), so it was probably about 10 before I actually got into the concert. Astronautalis was playing at that point.

Astronautalis, as a side note, was actually pretty good. Unfortunately, the rapper was the only one who was there out of the entire band. They couldn't make it; I don't remember why, but they're stuck in Texas. He had an instrumental recording that he used to rap over, and it still sounded pretty good. He also had a really nice stage presence. He told some jokes-- like there's this one song he wrote to make money, and it's about the guy who invented the periodic table of elements. Because, in hip hop, that's what everyone wants to listen to. Singing about boobs, butts and bullets is so last year. Now, old dead chemistry guys are where it's at. Also, he freestyled a song for us! It was way cool. He took topic suggestions from the audience, and he ended up rapping about this Davy Crockett hat that someone gave him, shoveling snow, the equator, the evolution of the free spirit (haha), and some other things I don't remember. It was cool.

After his set was done, Flobots came out and they were so good. First off, they're just really talented. But aside from that, that band just sounds really awesome live. Most of the shows I go to (as fun as they all are), I feel like the music isn't balanced well, so I can't really understand the words of the song, and usually the guitar and bass are both really loud compared to the vocals. But they sounded really awesome and I could clearly hear the words, the viola, guitar, bass, drums. It was sick. They're really good at being awesome and getting the audience to be an active part of the show. They dance and get everyone to move with them, or clap along. And I know those things are pretty typical of all shows, but Flobots was just better at it than everyone else I've seen.

They played their set, and then went backstage, and everyone sat there chanting for them to come back and play encore. They did, and played like 4 or 5 more songs, then actually ended the show and they all gave high fives to everyone that came up to the stage. It was cool :) I got to touch the hands of Jonny 5 and KennyO. Jonny 5 said he and a couple other of the band members would be out to say hi in a couple minutes, so I hung around and got some signatures (Brer's and Jonny's, and the guitarist). I talked with them for a little bit-- there weren't actually a lot of people who hung around-- and then walked back to my car. It was, thankfully, still there.

Such a great night. But I have a fun story now! Well. Fun might not be quite the right word ha.

So when I got to the Gothic, I bought a shirt (as pictured) and then went back to watch the show. There was a big crowd of people hanging out right in front of the stage as there usually is when someone is playing, so I just stood off to the side by some stairs that went up to the second level, and as people moved, I gradually got closer to the stage, while still keeping to the side. Eventually, it was just me and this one other guy standing by the stairs. Ha. This kid. He was not subtle. But he was attractive, so that's fun at least.

We're sitting there, listening to Astronautalis who is currently in the middle of a song, and this kid taps my arm and points down at my shoes to tell me they match. Haha really? In case you haven't noticed, I wear cons all the time. And I was at a concert. My shoes probably matched with a third of the people there. But I just nodded, and he said they were good shoes, and I smiled and turned back to the stage. A couple songs later, he stood right next to me so our arms were touching, and asked if it was ok if he stood there. He seemed nice and all, so I said it was. Between a couple of the songs, he tried making a little conversation and asked if I had ever heard of the guy who was singing (I hadn't) and then said that he thought he was pretty good, but he was actually just here to see Flobots. And then he pointed out all the smoke in the lights and said, "That's what happens at a Flobots concert when they're about to legalize weed in a couple days." I mean, I don't actually know that much about drugs, but I do know that weed has a distinct smell, and that wasn't present in the venue. There was also really good security at the Gothic. What I'm trying to say is that I'm pretty sure that smoke was just an effect. But hey, what do I know. Maybe it was weed and I'm just crazy.

Between the bands, while we were waiting for Flobots, this kid-- apparently his name is Ryan-- was talking to me, but it was a weird conversation. The topics were normal, but he kept asking for clarification on weird things. For instance, he asked where all my friends were, and I told them they didn't come because they were partying. So then he asked why I wasn't partying, then asked why I don't drink-- almost without even waiting for an answer from the first question-- and assuming it was because I wasn't 21 yet, asked when my birthday was. Similarly, we got on the topic of school, and he asked where I go. Apparently he goes to UCD (which is on the same campus as Metro) and then he asked what I study, and why I want a chemistry degree. All normal. But after I told him I want to go into forensics, he told me that was cool, but why do I want to do that instead of being a doctor? Random. (For the record, I wanted to be a doctor, once. And when I got into that field a little with Crew 911, I realized how annoying it is to try to keep people alive. Too much work. I'll just deal with the people who are already dead.) I gave him my reasoning, and he told me that it's not that hard to keep people alive, just work out and eat well, and you'll be healthy all the time. Well ok, sure, most of the time that theoretically works, but the people who are healthy aren't the ones who will need to see doctors. So he told me that I should be a preventative doctor or something, and I gave up and told him I would consider it. And then he was all proud of himself for convincing me to consider a career change... Yeah. Because I'm totally really going to consider it.

Whatever, Flobots eventually came out and we moved a little closer to the middle of everything, and things were normal. Until they played a slowish song. Ryan waited until the song was nearly over and asked me if I wanted to dance. Um... no? This is a concert... Like, he wanted to do the whole ballroom-meets-grinding thing. I know that's actually a thing people do at concerts, but typically the people who dance like that were a couple that was together before the concert started, and came to the concert together, and will continue to be a couple after the show ends. Haha. Anyway, he asked and I said no, and he asked why, so I told him I'm not really a big dancer. We actually already had this conversation, between sets, and he just kept trying to tell me that I could dance, really, and he kept trying to dance with me. I kept saying no, and he eventually got it. The song ended, and Brer Rabbit was talking, setting up the next song, and I'm sitting there trying to listen to what he says, but Ryan's busy trying to save face and says, "Oh, the reason you didn't want to dance is because the song was almost over, right?" Dude. In a super sarcastic way, I told him yes, that was totally the only reason, and for good measure, I rolled my eyes at him too. He just kinda yeah-I-thought-so'd and then backed away to hang out with his friends and go jump around in the circle pit.

Heheh. Once, during a fireside, my friend Jason said something about how girls are really mean, to which I replied, "That's probably my favorite thing about being a girl." He was shocked I would say such a thing, but really. When boys are going to be dumb, I'm not going to try to be nice to them. My new friend Ryan is exhibit A.

And just to finish off the post, here's some sweet pictures of my Halloween costume I had at Trey's Welcome Home party. I made it myself (the apron, I mean. It's duct tape). I'm Alice. A creepy Alice, which is really loosely based off American McGee's Alice. I like my eyes in the second one, because the flash did a weird thing and made one of them all white-pupiled and awesome. But in the first one, you can see the knife better. I also have some cards (queens and aces of spades and hearts, and the joker) sticking out of the apron, but I don't really think they showed up well in either.