Aug 21, 2008

One more day?

School started on Wednesday which is kinda dumb. Just randomly in the middle of the week... and on a short day, but whatever. I like short days.

My schedule is:

First quarter: per 1/2 anatomy, 3rd off, 4th trig, 5/6 great books, 7/8 marching band
2nd quarter: per 1/2 anatomy, 3rd off, 4th trig, 5/6 great books, 7th off, 8th symphonic
2nd semester: 1st off, 2nd women's fitness, 3rd off, 4th trig, 5/6 great books, 7th off, 8th symphonic.

So far, anatomy is pretty fun. I mean, I've only been there two days but it's a good class that I'm liking. They have a lot of fun stuff planned like a CADAVER LAB! if my grades are good enough, so I'll be working hard on that :D haha

Trig is alright, but going over the review, it kinda seems like I didn't take the class last year. Yep, that's how much I retained over the summer. Which hasn't ever happened to me before, I've never forgotten math over summer break... hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come...

Great books is alright, there's a lot of work, but it's a pretty cool class so far. And by a lot of work, I mean I've had to read both last night and tonight for homework. haha but we had a seminar in class today. It was interesting. I'm not quite sure what I got out of it-- either society is in a repetitive but progressive cycle, or we've just been going in circles forever. And that came from a story about a guy who says man=no life, a short film about Joshua who escapes a box only to trap someone in a box, and a story about drunk boatmen who forgot to untie the knots on their stolen boat before setting sail... We're just deep like that.

Then band is... lame. haha I'm playing symbols in our parades this year. What's more exciting than that? Maybe also being in pit for our entire field show. I don't do much during practice, but it does make for an easy A.

That's my day in a wrap. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday, I totally thought it was Thursday tomorrow, but I didn't think it was Wednesday today... weird haha

Aug 14, 2008

Upside down!

I'm still at Jenny's house, and it's fun until about 9:30, sometimes 10. That's when everyone goes to bed, but I'm still awake for a few hours. Apparently when I'm bored, one of my favorite things to do is check blogs, so...

The difference about today is before Carcass went to bed, he did something to the computer to make the screen appear upside down, which idk how to fix, so I thought I'd post a blog about it... still upside down... I have to admit, it's kinda weird and totally throwing me off but yet very cool.

Jenny told me that Carebear knows how to fix this, so I tried calling her but I guess her phone is off or something. So then I tried calling Frik, but it has a different solution depending on what type of computer you have, so he couldn't give me a very good answer, and then he got a call. Oh well, Carson will fix it sooner or later. Or Carebear is coming down on Saturday.

As far as being bored goes, though, since tomorrow is Friday, Carson and Sienna are going to stay up with me! No school on Saturday and such. Which should be interesting for Carson b/c he's going to go see his dad for his birthday on Saturday... haha crazy...

Well... that's the end of that.

Aug 12, 2008

Why so serious?

This week I'm visiting Jenny in Utah which, I've only been here for like 5 hours but it's so fun! We ate dinner then played Wii and talked for maybe an hour and a half then Jenny took Sienna and me to the movies. Sienna wanted to see The Dark Knight really bad but didn't have anyone to go w/ so since I haven't seen it...

Well, since I HADN'T seen it. haha

It is quite likely the best movie I've seen in at least a year. Maybe 2. Idk what the other best movie would be, but this one is SO AMAZING!

Everyone go watch it now. Stop reading and go to the theater!

But I'm thinking that maybe Berserk should not take Tiger and T-Rex to see it... as if it had to be said haha.

Sienna and I saw the 9:15 showing which got out at 11:46 [pm] and now she's downstairs "sleeping" b/c she has to go to school tomorrow... sucka haha

Aug 9, 2008


Some of the Utah people are in town... Carebear, Guildylocks, David... Carebear's baby. And Guildylocks' family came to visit overnight on the way to Utah.

So yesterday we were cleaning up really quick before they got here and Mom asked me to put the dish soap down in our laundry room. I go down there, reading a few texts and turn into the laundry room when next thing I know, the floor is a little farther away than I thought...

Apparently, not minutes before, Chaelomen took the trapdoor out from the floor leaving a big hole in the middle laundry room, something you'd think I'd notice. He was just upstairs talking about how hard it is to get out of the crawlspace sometimes.

Anyway, I'm standing there in the crawlspace laughing and Carebear and Guildylocks look over [and laughing too, of course] and then are quickly joined by Mom and Chaelomen, who helped me out after mocking me a bit. I put the dish soap away and walk out over more toward the living room to do something, I forget what. But I'm still laughing quite a bit and tears are streaming from my eyes, a little more than what I would have expected from laughing, but whatever. In retrospect, I'm thinking they were also tears of pain.

So I go upstairs to put things away and my side hurts so I check to see if I'm bleeding. Probably not, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. So I look and, what would you know, there's a scratch about 6 inches long that's bleeding. As I was going down to Mom's bathroom to clean it up or something I run into Carebear and say, "I'm bleeding." She looked at me and her eyes got kinda wide because I guess it was worse than she was expecting. So we go into the bathroom and Carebear calls Chaelomen in to see this pretty cut. After standing there slightly at shock, Carebear tells him not to tell Mom, b/c we don't need a ride to the hospital or anything. Then she calls her up. There wasn't much freaking out on Mom's part, it could have definitely been worse, and we decided that the cut wasn't deep enough for stitches, so Chaelomen went to get gauze and tape and came back and dressed it.

What a great story... the only question left is what did I cut myself on? Something sharp, but not enough to tear either of the shirts I was wearing...

There went my great intentions of showering...

By the way, I make this sound very dramatic, but it wasn't actually that bad. We were laughing through all of this, b/c it was ridiculous haha