Aug 31, 2011

Ni Hao!

Hello from China, everyone! :) I love it over here (except for the hot weather AND hot humidity. One or the other would be fine, but what can you do)! Hong Kong was fun, but I was only there for 2 days and I accidentally left my camera in the apartment, except when we went to the Temple, so I've got some pictures of that. Plus a couple other random pictures of signs I saw in China that I liked :)

We don't currently have the internet in our apartment (which is gorgeous, btw) but we should get it today or tomorrow. When we do, I'll post a blog about our apartment and my awesome roommates. I took pictures, but I haven't transfered them to my computer yet.

Well. That's all I have. Ni hao! :)

*NOTE* It would appear that I can't upload pictures on blogger :( I don't know why. But if you want to see pictures, email me and I'll send some to you. Or you can just wait until I get back and look at all of them then.

Aug 20, 2011

It's what I was born for, isn't it?

So I'm not going to call this a hiatus because I expect that I'll still have time to blog from time to time, at rates similar to during school. But blogger is blocked in China, so I have to go through another website to get to it, and it's set up differently on this website, making it kind of awkward to blog. So, unfortunately, the awesome blogs will mainly come once a month, after I've gone on vacation.

Fortunately, though, I have access to email! So if you want to keep in touch with me that way, I will make sure to do that. I'm going to email Mom daily (assuming she emails me back), so it'll be easy to keep up with everyone. Or you can mail me, and I'll respond to that, too. I have plenty of envelopes.

If you don't have either my email address or my physical address, I probably don't want you to have them. And if that's not the case, facebook me and I'll let you know.

That being said, goodbye! :) You will all hear from me again probably between the 28th of Aug and the 1st of Sep. Hooray Hong Kong!

Aug 11, 2011

One Fortnight.

That's how long until I leave :)

So, originally I was going to Weihai. I'm sure we all remember the post, right? Really pretty? Well ILP gave me a call, which makes me very nervous. I'm quite worried they're going to call and tell me I can't go for some reason (substantial China disaster, had to cancel the program in my school and don't need me elsewhere). This isn't something I consciously worry about; I'm not paranoid about it. It's only when they call and right before I hit "answer" that I worry.

That's not the point. I'm still going to China. In a fortnight. They were calling me to ask if I'd be interested in switching schools/cities. So, as I said moments ago, I was going to Weihai, which only has one school in the city. But in Zhongshan (btw- Zh is pronounced like J, in case someone was curious how to say that) there's 4 schools. 3 schools? I don't know, multiple ones. And at the smallest one, they had a couple who was going and they just got married.
Unfortunately, there's no housing in Zhongshan to accomidate that kind of living situation.
Fortunately, there is in Weihai.

They told me about how it would be different. First off, there were 17 people (15 teachers, 2 headteachers) going to Weihai. I don't know how many people will be in Zhongshan in total, but in Nanlang (my new school) there will be 4 of us. 4. 3 teachers, 1 head teacher. The head teacher doesn't actually teach the kids, at least not on a regular basis, so that leaves 3 of us. We'll each be teaching 2 different classes a day.

Also different about Zhongshan- it's not right by the sea. It's more south (a little less than 50 miles east of Hong Kong). So it'll be hotter, but that's not too terrible. We won't be flying into Beijing, we'll be flying into Hong Kong. This is particularly important because our visas are not multiple entrance. So most of the people who go to China can't visit Hong Kong. But since that's where I'm flying into, and I won't have actually entered China yet, I get to take a 2-day vacation before going to work :)

I said yes, obviously. To switching cities. And I'm actually really excited to have a smaller group of teachers. I think it'll be harder, but definitely worth it. Plus, Weihai is kinda out there and alone, and there was only going to be one male there. So unless we were REALLY close to a branch, that would've made going to church really expensive (we would have had to pay for a bus every week if we wanted to go). But there will be more boys in Zhongshan, so even if the branch isn't close, we'll be able to still partake of the sacrament. Bonus!

I'm so excited :D It's going to be awesome.

Aug 2, 2011

When I get bored.

Once during class a couple semesters ago, I was really bored. I had given a presentation in English on my paper, and now I had to sit through a ton of other presentations and so I started drawing on the backs of my note cards. Then when I was bored in other classes, I drew more pictures, (mostly) all on the backs of notecards. So now, after months, they've all been scanned onto the computer and here they are :) Enjoy.

This was the first one. I don't draw awesome dinosaurs, but I love him anyway.

Number four.

The last one I did (number nine). I think it's my favorite.

Number six. And those things were intended to be fighting over the key, but it looks more like they're just trying to get it to the lock. Either way.

Number three.

Number two.

Number five. This was actually part of a larger picture I drew during trig on regular notebook paper. But I'm not sure where that is, and I don't quite remember what the whole picture was.

Number eight. It's hard to see, but there's a whale in the background just to the right and down a touch of the boat.

Number seven.