Sep 14, 2008

I'mma troublemaker, not a doubletaker

a timpani is a drum

Anyway, so about not being a part of the Woodglen Ward anymore...

For Memorial weekend, we went to Utah and while we were there I stayed with Guildylocks and her roommate. Which started off being confusing, btw, because no one told me that I wasn't sleeping at Carebear and Frik's house until it happened. There I was sleeping, and then David wakes me up and we're leaving and he's like, "You know you're not sleeping here, right?" ha weird... anyway, so then we're driving and we're not at Guildylocks's apartment, I don't think... I had been there just the other week... and this wasn't the same place... ha apparently she moved.

Now, on to the good part of the story. I went to church with her and David the next day, and it was their first time meeting with all the new students in that ward and whatever so one of the announcements during the sacrament meeting was about how if you haven't had a picture taken already, go up to the bishop's office and they'd get that taken care of and also get your papers to fill out. I asked David if I could, to which he said yes, but I didn't. Being a good kid or something. But after church, before we left, there they were again taking pictures and handing out the papers, so I got my picture taken then and filled out the paper which had things like What year are you?... Junior. What year were you born?... 1992. What's your major?... undecided. School attending-- BYU UVU OTHER... other. haha

So then, I guess it doesn't click that 1992=16 year old and so they get my records from the Woodglen Ward and The Wizard brings home a printed version of the email they sent saying that my records were successfully transferred :)

Sad, though, because he doesn't want to play along and requested my records back today... Ideally I'll still be in the directory...

Sep 13, 2008

Don't get on the wrong bus.

Besides not ending up at the right school, if you get on the wrong bus at a football game, the people who are in charge of Pudre get very angry.

Yesterday we had our 2nd football game [which means we've lost two games, and I have all the cheerleader cheers stuck in my head] and it started raining. Now that's never stopped a performance as far as I know, unless you're in pit, because all the instruments need to be covered. What with them being not water proof.

Moments after it starts raining, Kelso comes over tells us all in the pit to go get our stadium jackets. Not to wear, but to put on the timpanies... timpanis... however you pluralize timpani and to also cover the mallet instruments. After that, he told us to all run to our trailer and get the blankets that actually go on and are made for the mallets. So we did. When we got back and covered everything, I looked over and a group of us are standing next to Kelso and some other guy, talking furiously.

Over I went to listen in. Apparently Anthony aka Asian [he thought of that name himself, btw. I'm not racist like that or anything] and Marcelo [our foreign exchange student] got on the wrong bus [and almost immediately got off] when they went to get their stadium jackets, and it wasn't even a Horizon bus. It was a Pudre bus. So this guy that Kelso was talking to is freaking out about how Asian and Marcelo are trying to steal stuff off the bus. Keslo- "I sent them to go get something and they got on the wrong bus because one of the buses we rode over got moved." Crazy-lifeless-bus-guy-- "I'm not buying that. The bus says PUDRE DISTRICT on the front and your trying to tell me that they didn't see that and just got on? I want the name and numbers of you and your boys' and your school so that if anything's missing, I know who to call." Kelso- "No, you know what? Why don't I have you come talk to our principal?" CLBG- "I'd like that very much." And off they went...

Too bad, because I wanted to hear the end of that. But after they left Marcelo says to us"I Brazilian! I don't read English well! I don't know!" and we all laugh and tell him he should have said that and that Asian should have done the same in his fake Vietnamese accent. Not that either of them were scared, CLBG is dumb and won't find anything missing. I hope he feels very silly after looking through all his stuff. Who wants Pudre football/ cheerleader stuff anyway?

In other non-band news, I am no longer in the Woodglen Ward. However that is a story for a different day, if anyone doesn't know the story.