Jan 26, 2009

there's links, I swear

the links that go to other people's blogs are not showing up... if you missed it.

so any clue how I fix it? you can hover over of highlight them and see it, but...

Jan 19, 2009

broken up in two parts for your benefit! :D

I'm not dead, I'm still here. just... preoccupied I suppose. let me say though, I love the setting that Guildylocks has for the order her blogs are listed in. it makes it really easy to check up on everyone :)

--pt 1 of my day--

so today I went babysitting. idk, I guess diapers are more complex than I give them credit for, b/c after I changed a VERY pee-y diaper, the kid does a number two. on my lap. maybe a third of it was actually in the diaper. gross... the rest is on my pants and on my shirt.

So I called home from their house phone. no answer. I called Chaelomen's cell. it was off. I used my cell phone to call MJ's cell. it was off. one more attempt at the house phone b/c I don't even love Jack Jack enough to sit there w/ his crap on my clothing, and Chaelomen answers. THANK YOU. haha

MJ brought over some new clothes for me to change into and the rest of the babysitting went totally smooth.

--pt 2 of my day--

So originally, being MLKJr Day and hence having no school, Sara and I were going to hang out. then, things happened and we couldn't so I was going babysitting. then things happened and she could again, so we decided to go to Taco Bell after I was done babysitting for a late lunch. yum.

We both drove down there, separately b/c you need your license for 6 months before you can have someone else in the car w/ you legally. so after Taco Bell, we have like 40 minutes more to hang out before she has to go home and so we're thinking Wendy's for a drink and some french fries. so the closer Wendy's, and the one I want a drink from, is on 120th and York. but since I hear 120th and CO together so frequently, they are very interchangable in my mind. so we're in the right lane to turn onto 120th and I'm leading the way when I think "crap, we need to be in the next lane" and there was plenty of room to get over, so I did. there was enough room for Sara, too, so we wouldn't lose each other.

but then there was a motorcycle and another car that pulled up behind me, forcing her in her lane and me in mine. so that's about the time I think a phone call would be good. too bad my phone was on it's last brink of life while I was babysitting so I just left it at home... haha

we kinda drove in a few circles around each other, not knowing for sure where the other would be but eventually met up just inside of my subdivision and decided that instead we want IntaJuice, if we still go anywhere. then decide that in the now 20 minutes we have before Sara had to leave, there wasn't enough time to get there and back. woo

it was a good day, over all though.