Dec 19, 2009

I think that's a record...

It's been almost 3 months since I've blogged. Technically, 2 months and 22 days... I think.

Either way, it's getting late. And here's how I know.

Jack Jack was up here with me and we were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He was really cute and tired, and kept resituating himself to be comfortable. Eventually, (around 11:30) he fell asleep. And he stayed there, leaning on my shoulder and cutting off my arm circulation a little for about a half hour, at which point Chaelomen came to get him.

Now, before I came down, I was working on Alli's Christmas present, and I had to reprint some quotes, and then Jack Jack was just really cute so I decided we could watch a Mickey Mouse, but while he was asleep, I got online and started reading blogs. So then when Chaelomen took him away, I kept reading blogs. I can get to Alli's present again later.

Anyway, It's been about 3 months since I've updated, which means it's been about 2 since I've read any one else's blog. I was reading MJ's-- her rant, specifically-- and it mentions how her MIL and SsIL (that's "sisterS in law," because she's all about the grammar)... which is where I can start to tell it's late.

I sat there for a minute or two (no exaggeration, so it really was quite a while) thinking sisters in law... Who are MJ's sisters in law?! There's Carebear, that's one... I don't think she has any others!

Then I realized. Wait. Scooter's a SIL too. Oh, and me.

So I can tell it's late because I had to think about who Chaelomen's sisters are. I can tell it's even later, because I didn't even think of me first. I thought of Carebear, then had to realize I'm related to her.

And it's EVEN LATER, because until about 30 seconds ago, I didn't realize what SsIL had to do with grammar...

I get it now, though. Because it's SisterS In Law, not Sister In LawS.

Oh my. Time for bed. I think maybe I'll finish Alli's present... tomorrow. Or, technically, later today. :) Night, everyone.

Sep 27, 2009

Jay Walking... part 2

While "Jaywalking" at school--

We told this kid to play dumb.
"Do you know what's at the bottom of the Grand Canyon?"
"The sky."
"... No, the bottom."
"Oh. Uhh..."
At least, I hope we told him.

haha or I also liked this answer...

"Do you know why we celebrate Thanksgiving?"
"Because of the turkeys."
"The turkeys?"
"Yeah, the turkeys killed some pilgrims."
"The turkeys killed the pilgrims?"

It was a lot of fun doing this project. Media concepts is definitely a good class.

Sep 20, 2009

"Jay" walking

So for one of my classes this semester, media concepts, we're going around the school and asking Jaywalking-type questions. You know, common-knowledge questions that some people don't know the answer to. Then laugh at their stupidity...

(4th, 6th, and 8th grade level questions)

(fourth of July questions)

We got to watch these two during class, which was pretty sweet. Anyway, I post this blog asking for help.

Our questions we've been asking the school are too easy. The hardest one we had-- How many planets are in the solar system? (8) Someone actually said 12. Uhh, can you name all those, sir?

We thought the questions were fine, but then we read another groups questions-- What four presidents do you see at Mount Rushmore?

So we're going to get some new questions, and so if you could, give me your ideas, so we can laugh at my school :)

Jul 30, 2009

a new blog?!

So the other day... or month at the teacher appreciation dinner, I found out that two of the kids in my seminary class graduated early, and that probably 5 other kids are planning on graduating at semester. Which is cool for them and everything, and I know it shouldn't, but it really makes me feel inadequate. Like if they can do it, so can I and so should I.

I don't know. Just wanted to share that.

And then, about 2 weeks ago, Sara and I were watching Boy Meets World, and we watched the Chick Like Me episode, when a brilliant idea pops in our heads! why don't WE try to dress like boys! haha. It seemed so easy, and we borrowed some clothes from random friends, and the getting dressed part was easy. Believe it or not, the hard part was figuring out what do to with our hair.

Needless to say, we do not make very good boys. I would not date myself, especially with the high pitched voice I had. haha

May 29, 2009


Today, a cab driver had to sign me out of the emergency room because I didn't know who else to call. FML

today is the first day of summer break! :) woo but actually, I still have a project to do for great books so I can get an A in that class this semester. it's an art project based off of The Kite Runner and Song of Solomon, but I think I know what I want to do. I could probably be half way close to done, but it's not due until I get back to school in August, and a new web site has taken up my interests.

Today, I realized that my glade plug-in air freshner lasts longer than any of my relationships have. FML people go there, and can post little things that happened to them that day, and everyone else laughs at their misery. so if you're having a bad day, go there and feel better about yourself. or go there anyway, just because it's that fun to read :)

Today, I am wearing a panda suit for the promotion of the restaurant I work at. FML

and just for the record, none of these FMLs are mine ha

Today, I graduated from college and my parents gave me an apple. Not the computer, the fruit. FML

Apr 14, 2009

not quite an update...

wow it's been over a month. so I'm sitting here writing a paper for great books, or at least the rough draft, and also listening to the radio and Madeline by Tickle Me Pink comes on.

the story behind it is that one morning after a show they put on, they found I think it was their bassist dead. idk how he died or anything, but it was sudden and unexpected and not a suicide. anyway, they made a video kinda in remembrance of him, which came out recently.

they had a thing they were doing for a while were you could send in picture of loved ones who have passed away to be in the video, and it's kinda cool how the pictures are incorporated.

sorry, though, idk how to embed it haha FAIL.

there's the link :)

Mar 12, 2009

I guess I'm in a blog mood

To start off, sorry for the very long blog, but it's an intense story.

So I already watched the new episode of Bones and Grey's Anatomy, and I was bored so I went back to look at blogs again! also, to further put off my make up work in great books. haha

and then I remembered a great story I should tell! So Mom and I went to Disney World, which was totally awesome! lots of fun, those who aren't going to Disney 2010 or 2009 should try harder to be able to, b/c there are some freaking cool things there.

but this post is not about the trip. before I left, I made sure my rat (which is a different rat from the one w/ the phone charger over Christmas) had plenty of food and I filled up her water all the way, then made a mental note to text Chaelomen or MJ or maybe even The Wizard so that they might check up on her and make sure she still has food and water. her liter would be fine. all the way to the airport it felt like I was forgetting something, but the feeling either passed or I just got used to it b/c by the time we were in Florida, all was forgotten.

who thought of mental notes anyway? they're dumb and pretty much never work out, at least not for me.

it was a few hours after we got home like 2 days ago that I remembered I have a rat up in my room. so I go up to check on her, open the door and see her empty food dish! and empty water bottle! oh no! Regan (this is the rat, named after one of the daughters in King Lear) was on the bottom of her cage, still alive, and I grabbed her water bottle and went to the bathroom to fill it up. when I came back, she was on the top shelf of her cage. So then I fill up her food right away and she just sorta looks at it, and doesn't touch the water. not good.

She's usually a very bouncy and energetic little rat, she's only like 2 and maybe a half months old, and here she is pretty much not moving, trying to walk and she stumbles a lot. so I picked her up and I'm sitting there holding her trying to get her to take some food or water or anything really. something that'll give me a little hope that she lives. I think she took a piece of food and started to nibble on it, but nothing really. crap. I KNOW she's hungry. you don't go however many days w/o food and not be hungry. you also don't go however many days w/o water and not be thirsty, but she isn't drinking anything either. I even rubbed my finger across her water bottle to get some water on my finger and tried rubbing it around her mouth, but nothing. no interest at all.

so there I am, kinda freaking out a little trying to think of something to do, but I'm drawing a blank. she's a happy rat, just doesn't have any energy to drink or eat, so I went downstairs, got her a Nilla Wafer w/ whipped cream and went up to give that to her. something sweet, so a little burst of energy, and hopefully a little hydrating. she totally ate it all. not the nilla wafer, but all the whipped cream. which is a pretty good thing, and then she starts eating a little more, not drinking still, so it's still bad, but getting better.

I went downstairs to talk to MJ and Chaelomen about it and told them about how I forgot to ask them to check up on her, and Chaelomen asked if she had drank anything. Not that I know of... so then he came upstairs w/ me to try and get her to drink some water.

at this point she's eating. not normally, but enough that she's realized she's hungry or whatever, and Chaelomen held the bottle by her and was squeezing water into her mouth, then after a bit left me to take that over. so by the end of the hour she had enough energy to do her weird eating thing where she takes her food from the top shelf of her cage and carries it to the bottom shelf in the corner to eat. haha like a dog eating on carpet. that's when I decided she could drink water by herself and I could put it back.

by the next morning, several ounces of water were drained. woo! Regan lives!

ha also that morning, I realized I left my socks and underwear at the hotel in Florida. super. haha

I need...

  1. Samara needs to grow up a bunch here and let him go.
  2. Samara needs some Richard in her life.
  3. Samara needs a forever home.
  4. Samara needs a lobotomy.
  5. Samara needs to change.
  6. Samara needs to stay away from Ridge's "illegitimate" son by Morgan!
  7. Samara needs to have some children.
  8. Samara needs to go away and ponder about her life.
  9. Samara needs to get over the bitterness and grow up for the baby's sake.
  10. Samara needs her spring haircut.
just btw, I used my real name in the search.
w/ Samara...
  1. Samara needs a change.
  2. Samara needs a middle name.
  3. Samara needs love.
  4. Samara needs sleep more
  5. Samara needs to bite some chumps.
  6. Samara needs someone who will be dedicated to care for and feed her properly.
  7. Samara needs to do some shopping.
  8. Samara needs a good pair of snow pants and some better hiking boots.
  9. Samara needs to be sealed up in a well. (haha I knew one of these was coming!)
  10. Samara needs to find Connor, Connor needs to find out who is trying to kill them, and they both have to figure out what to do about this whole baby. (haha)
So, just to explain really quick, I want to say the primary reason that I haven't blogged in SO long. I mean, Frik and David and Wudan have both posted more recently than I have. Chaelomen's posted twice!!
anyway, so the main reason is mostly b/c Scooter has me listed as Poopy Pants on her blog, and the longer I take to update, the less likely people will read that haha

Jan 26, 2009

there's links, I swear

the links that go to other people's blogs are not showing up... if you missed it.

so any clue how I fix it? you can hover over of highlight them and see it, but...

Jan 19, 2009

broken up in two parts for your benefit! :D

I'm not dead, I'm still here. just... preoccupied I suppose. let me say though, I love the setting that Guildylocks has for the order her blogs are listed in. it makes it really easy to check up on everyone :)

--pt 1 of my day--

so today I went babysitting. idk, I guess diapers are more complex than I give them credit for, b/c after I changed a VERY pee-y diaper, the kid does a number two. on my lap. maybe a third of it was actually in the diaper. gross... the rest is on my pants and on my shirt.

So I called home from their house phone. no answer. I called Chaelomen's cell. it was off. I used my cell phone to call MJ's cell. it was off. one more attempt at the house phone b/c I don't even love Jack Jack enough to sit there w/ his crap on my clothing, and Chaelomen answers. THANK YOU. haha

MJ brought over some new clothes for me to change into and the rest of the babysitting went totally smooth.

--pt 2 of my day--

So originally, being MLKJr Day and hence having no school, Sara and I were going to hang out. then, things happened and we couldn't so I was going babysitting. then things happened and she could again, so we decided to go to Taco Bell after I was done babysitting for a late lunch. yum.

We both drove down there, separately b/c you need your license for 6 months before you can have someone else in the car w/ you legally. so after Taco Bell, we have like 40 minutes more to hang out before she has to go home and so we're thinking Wendy's for a drink and some french fries. so the closer Wendy's, and the one I want a drink from, is on 120th and York. but since I hear 120th and CO together so frequently, they are very interchangable in my mind. so we're in the right lane to turn onto 120th and I'm leading the way when I think "crap, we need to be in the next lane" and there was plenty of room to get over, so I did. there was enough room for Sara, too, so we wouldn't lose each other.

but then there was a motorcycle and another car that pulled up behind me, forcing her in her lane and me in mine. so that's about the time I think a phone call would be good. too bad my phone was on it's last brink of life while I was babysitting so I just left it at home... haha

we kinda drove in a few circles around each other, not knowing for sure where the other would be but eventually met up just inside of my subdivision and decided that instead we want IntaJuice, if we still go anywhere. then decide that in the now 20 minutes we have before Sara had to leave, there wasn't enough time to get there and back. woo

it was a good day, over all though.