Jul 1, 2008

Just Kidding?

Everyone might as well have missed that last post, because yesterday, since not everyone passed finals, we had practice practicals for trauma [being that that's the one everyone else failed]. We did them in groups, which I'm not liking so much. There was a scribe, a leader and a helper. I was the scribe for the first scenario which I think I could have passed, but I wasn't the leader, so. For the second one, I was the helper, and Krystie was in a car crash not wearing a seat belt, and we had to help her, but without the necessary supplies, we just gave her oxygen and left her in there until help arrived.

On the third one where I was a leader, Krystie was going rock climbing, but didn't even get started when a bolder fell on her head. Ouch. Things I did wrong: didn't take vitals because I thought we'd want to backboard her first and some other miscellaneous stuff. Someone said that it was done the best which doesn't seem like a big accomplishment because I wasn't always listened to. I'm sure that was a problem in the other scenarios, too, which is why I think single practicals are better than group. The people who you're telling to do stuff in single practicals aren't also trying to learn or make sure it's done right. They're just following orders.

But then after we had finished Nick was talking about how next week he's thinking we'll do one more set of practice practicals then real final practicals to see if we pass or not. When asked about last week and the finals that happened then, he said, "Well not eveyone passed them so."

If that means what I think it means in that since not everyone passed, neither did I, then I'm thinking this is where I say that I already passed once, and if that's not good enough, they can have one less first responder on their events. No snotty attitude intended.

Hopefully it means that the others get to do finals again, though.

In other news... Black Jack knocked $4 off the pizza price today because they were a half hour late delivering. That's always a bonus, and we still ate by 1.