Oct 7, 2011

It was a dark and stormy night.

Which is a particularly bad thing if you're on a ferry. All the waves and excessive rocking... it's just too much for some people to handle.
Thankfully, (although I live in the middle of a continent, so this will never be one of my more useful traits) I don't get *seasick. However, lots of people on the ferry last night do. Haha.

So our 2nd (or technically 3rd if you count Hong Kong) vacation just ended. It was awesome. We went to Sanya. For some reason, my proxy site doesn't really like facebook right now, so I can't put pictures up there. But it likes blogger just fine, so I'll post some here :) And maybe a few more on G+ later.

This is the awesome view at one of the beaches we went to. I think it was Yalong Bay, I don't really know if that's how it's spelled, though. But there's a lovely forest thing to the right, and the pretty beach, plus the mountains in the background. It was quite nice. The waves were awesome, I enjoyed playing in them. And beginning to learn to swim (thanks Annalisa :) Oh Sanya. I miss you already.

This is me and April, in contrast matching swimming outfits. And, even though you can't really tell, I'm wearing awesome new sunglasses that match my swim shorts. Don't worry, though. I'm pretty sure no zebras were harmed in the making of our clothes.


This is a pretty tree behind a pretty bush that was at the beach by our apartment/hostel. Funny thing there. We booked a hostel with Joe's Seaside Inn, and we get there and we go to the hostel, but that's not where we're staying. Instead, he put us in some apartments that he has which he then rents out to people when his hostel gets full. Or at least, I assume that's the reason. It was a little confusing talking to him, so I'm not sure.

This is the beach by our apartment-hostel. See? That's the ocean way in the background. There were a ton of boats everywhere with people carrying them from the shore to the... grassy area by the trees. It was really neat.

Here I am eating some delicious noodles for breakfast. We found this random little place in some back alley that said they had waffles, which was not true. We kept pointing to the picture of the waffles, and she kept saying, "Mayo! Mayo!" which is, "I don't have!" And then she pointed to some noodles she did have for 10 yuan. So I got those, and then April got some other hot (as in temperature) noodles which I have a picture of, but not on my blog :) I point out that April's noodles were hot because mine were cold. But they were supposed to be and they were delicious.

And thus concludes our vacation. It was nice. Just beaches and eating. We found this little alley that had the most delicious and cheapest food I've ever had. It was awesome. Just a TON of street food. I got way more food than I should have eaten in one sitting for probably less than 20 yuan. That includes a drink, 3 sandwich things (one spicy, two not), and some meat on a stick. Mmm. Thinking about it makes me sad that I'm not there anymore. :(

*According to Mom, it's not so much seasickness, but more motion sickness. So not getting airsick, seasick or carsick are all packaged together as one thing that's awesome about me.