Jul 30, 2009

a new blog?!

So the other day... or month at the teacher appreciation dinner, I found out that two of the kids in my seminary class graduated early, and that probably 5 other kids are planning on graduating at semester. Which is cool for them and everything, and I know it shouldn't, but it really makes me feel inadequate. Like if they can do it, so can I and so should I.

I don't know. Just wanted to share that.

And then, about 2 weeks ago, Sara and I were watching Boy Meets World, and we watched the Chick Like Me episode, when a brilliant idea pops in our heads! why don't WE try to dress like boys! haha. It seemed so easy, and we borrowed some clothes from random friends, and the getting dressed part was easy. Believe it or not, the hard part was figuring out what do to with our hair.

Needless to say, we do not make very good boys. I would not date myself, especially with the high pitched voice I had. haha