Jun 30, 2008


So, if we pretend this ISN'T a week old, I have some news.

We took our finals at the hospital, which I didn't think I'd do very good on. Sarah was my proctor on the first scenario I did-- medical. I did my head to toe, took some vitals, got "vomited" on, everything I could've hoped for, and when I got my paper back, I only missed 4 things. I didn't check Anthony's respiratory rate, I didn't reassess his vitals and two other things. Nothing major to make me fail.

Then in the hallway, I had to the Heimlich Maneuver. But there were no dummies--well, no PRACTICE dummies-- so we got the next best thing. Donovan was the choking victim who I almost actually tried to save, but Chris told me not to since he wasn't actually choking. So Donovan goes "unconscious" and I'm supposed to lead him slowly to the ground. Supposed to. Instead, he decides to make my life easy and just lay down, because he'll apparently crush me if he puts his weight on me. Not that a real unconcious person would care, but whatever. Then I start CPR, and since I've never knelt over a dummy and not actually have pressed down on its fake sturnum to start, it was hard to resist. I did, though, and passed that section, too.

The last scenario was in the stair well, and I was backboarding Krystie. I go in, and she's laying there on her stomach, choking on blood. I don't know what they expected of me, but no one else had her on her stomach. She was face up for everyone. Either way, the first thing I did was apparently screw up, because they asked me if I wanted to try again. Tina took me upstairs while they switched things around and she tried to give me a talk to make me pass. Something about how I know what to do and not to freak out, which would've been a cool and possibly helpful talk if I had been freaking out, but I wasn't. I didn't tell her that so I think she still is under the impression that she helped me quite a lot.

Back downstairs, Krystie moved onto her back, and things went smoothly from there. Brian said that I had done the best with the backboading, which either means everyone else sucked, or I did alright haha. Officially, now, I'm a first responder.

If they had done the enviornmental scenario, I probably would've failed, though, because when we practice, I always kill that person. For practice practicals, I left Krystie in the snow while I gave her the only pair of dry socks around, then she passes out and Anthony says, "Too bad there's no one around to help you." Yeah... calling for backup is probably helpful...

According to Chris, enviornmental is close enough to medical that we didn't need to test for it. Hooray

Jun 16, 2008


So tonight, we were down at the hospital and Bryce was practicing head-to-toe exams on Anthony. He starts with the head, as most people do, and Sarah and Glen stopped him to tell him that he needs to verbalize things because if he doesn't, then there's no guarantee that he'll get credit for having done something that went un-verbalized on our finals next week. So Bryce looked back down at Anthony to verbalize checking his head for DCAP-BTLS, and as he opens his mouth, the gum he was chewing falls out and hits Anthony in the eye! gross!

Bryce hurried to pick it up as Anthony sat up quicker than I thought he would, but then I don't what I was expecting, him to just lay there? So everyone in the hall cracks up because that was so sick, and I've never seen something quite like that happen.

Then earlier I was walking over to get a drink and some lady stops me and she's like, "Where's the second floor?" Uhh, upstairs? Maybe I'm just dumb, but I was pretty sure that's where they keep 2nd floors... above the 1st ones.

In other news regarding hospital-relating things, Daniel can woof haha. It makes me really believe Dr. Cox when he says that having a baby is like having a dog that slowly learns how to talk.

Oh, and if you want to go to Chipotle, it's kinda nice to go like 5 minutes to 10, because that's right before they close and they start giving away free chips, and loading up the burritos and tacos with more meat haha

Jun 6, 2008


I felt all out of the loop, so.

Here it is. And I'm really confused.