Feb 28, 2010

Strike Two!

I tried to do my homework, honest. But the search engine I was going to use is apparently only accessible from school, unless you have a password. Which I don't, so I'll do what I can now then finish really quick during intervention tomorrow morning.

So for the 2nd time, I tried baking macaroons. The first time they turned out way too watery because I had over beaten the eggs, and also I tried using fresh, fine chopped coconut instead of shredded coconut. They turned out... well, less than pretty.

Ha. They don't actually look too bad in this picture, but believe me, they were really runny and seemed to get worse the more I cooked them... mmm...

Anyway, so this time, instead of deciding that "fold the coconut with the egg whites" basically means the same as "beat the coconut in with the egg whites," I beat the eggs until they were stiff, and then beat the sugar in with that, just like the recipe said. But, unfortunately, the recipe is off. You should beat the eggs until they're almost stiff, then add sugar and stiffen them the rest of the way. So again, my batter was quite watery.

I hadn't actually added the coconut, though, so mom pulled up a different macaroon recipe and I tried that. They cookies still turned out less than perfect, but they tasted good. The only problem is that stuck to the wax paper really bad haha. Man. Everyone likes eating wax with their cookies, right?

Bonus, though, because (this being her recipe) Sara's mom said that next time I'm at their house, she'll show me how to make macaroons haha. Yay.

Feb 23, 2010


Has anyone heard of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs before? Is it like University of Colorado in Denver? Because apparently they want me to consider going there.

They even said-- in a letter to our family-- that "Bridget has goals and ambitions and we can help" and "We know that UCCS can challenge Bridget academically." Which is kinda cool, that they put my name into the letter.

However, I think I'm still going to Metro.

But hooray for noticing that I "scored well about the average" for my ACT scores :)

P.S. I think it's funny that "blogs are dying" and this is the most I've ever blogged before in my life. I'm like a real blogger!

Feb 21, 2010

Just because I want to put off my homework more...

This last weekend I went to do med support on a Klondike. It was actually fun. I'm surprised about that, because I thought it would be awful. But everyone was very nice and welcoming, they all learned my name (although I only know the names of 1 or 2 of them) and we weren't very busy. We had a few cold hand, only 2 of which were seriously cold. Like, near frost-bite cold. And then we had an upset stomach after dinner and some kid who, in my humble opinion, just wanted to go home and so he had "chest pains."

I did accidentally steal one of the belt clips for the radios, though, so I'll have to give that back tomorrow.

Also, I got the name of my German exchange kid. For those of you who didn't know, I'm participating in GAPP (German-American Partnership Program) and we're having a girl named Elli come visit us from March 28th to April 18th. It will be fun, and I hope everyone will come visit her :) and be friendly, so she likes Colorado.

Then guess what I found out? This guy-- Tony Horton, inventor of P90X-- guess how old he is??

I was thinking something like... 28-32 ish.

Nope, I was watching a commercial, and he's 51! I was completely shocked. I mean, seriously, 51! In this picture!

I hope I look like that when I'm 51. Well, only more feminine...

Feb 16, 2010


Guess who got accepted to BYU?

Not me, haha!

Which upset me a little, because I did really well on my ACTs and I have a good GPA, and I can't even know why I wasn't accepted. Oh well, I guess.

But I'm ok with it, because I'm going to Metro which means I'll be more likely to see people I know from highschool since pretty much eveyone is going to Metro, and I want to major in chemisty or criminology, and I hear really good things about Metro's programs for both of those. Plus, now I don't have to deal with the whole "Metro or BYU" thing, so I think this worked out well enough.

Any words of wisdom for the new college student? :)

Feb 14, 2010

And its eyes glowed...

Ha, the mechanical bull's eyes.

(And there's pictures that go with this post, but I'll have to upload them later.)

So as I said earlier, some of my friends from crew took me to the Grizzly Rose for my birthday to go mechanical bull riding! Which is so fun, let me just say. I've been once before, but it was at Relay for Life in Greeley. Ladies' Night starts at 8:00, which I'm not actually sure what that means because you could get in earlier than that, and also it wasn't like a "girls only" thing, so I'm not sure why it's "ladies' night," so if anyone wants to explain that to me.

Anyway, we got there at about 6:20ish so we could get a good parking spot, and we walk in and I forgot my stupid ID! You have to be 18 or older to get in, and I changed right before we left., so I forgot my driver's license in the pants I was wearing for most of the day. But it turned out to not be too bad, because apparently they only take cash... So we drove back home, and got my ID and got Dad to pick up 30 dollars for us, and then we left again, to get back there at about 7:20ish.

So while we sat there for a while waiting for the bull to open, and I asked some people who work there when it would open and they said by 8:30, so we waited for a while. It was kinda annoying because when K emailed them to ask what time the opened the mechanical bull riding because she wanted to take her friend for her birthday at 6:30, they said that they would be open when we got there.

It's probably important to mention that Mom and I hadn't eaten yet. Our food was at home waiting in the oven for us. We figured we'd leave at about 9 and have enough time to eat and everything.

Anyway, so at 8:30, I went back and asked some other people who work there what time they would open the bull riding, and they told me that depending on business, they would open anywhere between 8:30 and 9. Which would've been completely fine if that's what they had said in the email, but in the email they said that it would be going when we got there.

So, being hungry, I went back and asked Mom what she wanted to do, because I personally didn't want to wait that long, but I wanted to ride the bull, so I wasn't really sure. She said we could wait 15 more minutes and see what was going on then, and so K took me to go watch some people play pool, and then we danced for a little while. The dancing was fun because neither Anthony nor I can dance well, and so we just sort of stood there looking around trying to figure it out. But this old lady came over and started trying to teach us haha. It was pretty cool.

And at this point, it was 8:50, and they had just started to open up the bull! Hooray :D We were the first ones in line. Or, more correctly, I was the first in line. It's $5 to ride once, $10 to ride 3 times and $20 to ride unlimited until midnight. K and Anthony pitched in to get me 3 rides, which was really fun. Mom recorded me the first time I was on, and I think I stayed on for 30-35 seconds. Then I have no idea how long I stayed on for the other two times. It was a lot of fun, though. Sadly, it was the last two times (the ones not recorded) where I was epically thrown from the bull.

I guess you'll just have to imagine me flying through the air in a pretty little arch, landing so gracefully on my back. Ha. Or something similar to that.

But hey, I did a lot better than the drunk boys. :)

(and just to clarify, no Mom didn't ride the bull. She was just there for pictures)

Feb 6, 2010

I'm 18!

Hooray! I'm an adult! Technically.

To celebrate that, some of my friends are going to take me to the Grizzly Rose to go mechanical bull riding :D I'm so excited. It's going to be really fun.

Then on my birthday, I had a few friends (20 or so) over and we played Bigger or Better.

If you've never heard of bigger or better, you break off into groups, we had 4 or 5 in each, and you each get something little, like a tooth pick or a paper clip, or we had clothes pins. Then each group goes around door to door and says, "Hi. We're playing Bigger or Better. Do you have anything bigger or better than this [clothes pin] that you'd be willing to trade us for?" The rules that we set were you have to be able to carry it back to my house and that you can't drive anywhere.

It was cool. There were only a few people who didn't want to trade us anything. And one house who we knocked at the door, and they didn't answer, so we left. Then as we were walking further up the street I see them looking through the window. I thought that they might have wanted to talk to us, but just got to the door too late, so I waved and started walking back up to the door. But no, they did not want to talk to us because everyone left the window except the lady who stares at me and closes the blinds. It was pretty funny actually. I thought that only happened on movies.

Anyway. We traded the clothes pin for a paper towel roll, which we traded for a giant pencil, which we traded for little shoe keychain, which we traded for a pad of paper (which is not bigger or better than the shoe keychain. I mean, come on, it was a little tiny converse!) and then we got to the next house. I'm pretty sure I found another Mormon family in our neighborhood, btw. But I asked if she had anything bigger or better to trade for our pad of paper. And then I suggested broken appliances or things she was planning on giving away to Good Will or something, and so she gave us an old fax machine! Which we traded for a MINI FRIDGE! It worked too! It was not broken!

Obviously, we won. haha It was a lot of fun. If no one has played Bigger or Better ever, I think you should. Right now.

Thanks to Scooter for telling me about it :)

Feb 1, 2010

TCH EMS LOL and more TLAs

This past Thursday and Friday I ditched school to go to a TCH EMS Conference. The crew paid for me to go, and it was pretty cool. Basically the entire it was just a bunch of lectures. Most were an hour long, but some on Thursday were only a half hour. And a lot of the presenters had cool information, but were really REALLY boring. Like the lady who spoke about different drugs. I would be lying if I said I was awake the whole time.

But there were a couple of speaker in particular who did an amazing job. Jason Dush (which rhymes with "plush," but I can only imagine the teasing he got for that name) was one and he had a nice way of capturing the audience's attention. He gave personal stories, and had funny little comics or videos he would put up, and he didn't linger on one specific thing too long. He was pretty good at keeping the pace up. He gave 3 lectures. One about stress and 2 more about delivering babies.

Then the girl who was in charge of putting the conference together was really funny (although her name was not really funny, so I don't actually remember it) and very nice. She only had a half hour to go over an hour and a half's worth of material. So she was talking really fast and would freak out periodically about how much time she didn't have, which was kinda awesome. She gave a really cool lecture about special needs children.

It was a good way to spend a few days. I learned some really interesting things. We talked about robots and kids who get strokes or heart attacks and ALTE and autism and pharmacology and terrorists and a lot of NAT stuff and OB stuff and not backboarding patients who you regularly would, and I got presents, so what wouldn't be good about that? That's right, I am now the proud owner of a PEN LIGHT! It's awesome. I love it. And I have my very own pocket knife.

And in case you're wondering, because I was...
TCH- The Children's Hospital
EMS- Emergency Medical Service
NAT- Non Accidental Trauma
LOL- Laugh Out Loud
TLA- Three Letter Acronym
ATLE- Acute Life Threatening Events (although I'm disappointed that's not a TLA)