Jan 23, 2014

Well that was timely.

This is gonna be a relatively short post for a couple reasons. First, I have class tomorrow (not until 2, but I'm trying to wake up at about the same time every school day. so far, that's 7:30. but I think I'll change my alarm for tomorrow, because I'd like to get more sleep, and I don't want to make it a habit again to wake up to my alarm, turn it off, and go back to bed. that lead to some risky situations). And second, I went climbing tonight. I really wasn't feeling it today, so I didn't climb a whole ton, but good gracious. I can feel the soreness already setting in-- especially in my left forearm. It's making it incredibly difficult to type right now. You'd all laugh if you could see how often I'm having to retype something because of terrible terrible typos. Or you'd also burst out if you could see how much concentration it's taking me to use my left hand at all while typing. Haha.

Anyway. I've been to all of my classes now, and they are fantastic. I love them all. I love my teachers. Arson and explosives is not going to be nearly as chemistry based as I was thinking it would be, and I haven't quite decided how I feel about that. It'll be a fun class though, and I'm way excited.

My first week back at school has been so incredibly hectic.

Last week I went out to visit mom and dad one more time before classes started up and I don't have the time to anymore. It was really nice, we just relaxed and went out to a delicious Mexican restaurant-- yes. Mexican. In New England. Delicious. That about sums up everything particularly exciting we did. Someday when I go visit, I'll actually do some site seeing. But that was not this time.

[[Edit: I had pretty much ever detail of my week so far written out, only to realize how incredibly boring that probably would be to read. There's a bunch of cool stories going along with each of my days, but for how quickly I'm trying to get through this post, they will be much better served being told later.]]

Haha, so to sum up the super giant paragraph I just did away with: I worked Sun, Mon, and Tues, and I'll work Thurs and Friday as well. On Tuesday, school started, and I go four days a week (Mon-Thurs). Tuesday and Wednesday were loooong days. And now I'm tired and sore from climbing, and the week isn't even quite over. But, as a bonus, I have the normal 2-day weekend without school or work on Fri/Sat this semester (so far with work, at least). This weekend is the only exception: I have a quick meeting for a couple hours on Fri, but it will be fun, so I'm excited to relax and do my homework, and relax even more. And climb. :) Yay.

Alrighty. It's sleepy time now. I'll tell my fun stories later when my arm is less suddenly and ridiculously sore from climbing haha. Also when it's less late.

Jan 20, 2014

What whaaat.


Check it out, let me know what you think. I think, personally, it's a lot rougher than Chapter 1 (which you might have to read through to remember the story), so please please please let me know what I can do to clean it up.

Muchas gracias!