Mar 12, 2009

I guess I'm in a blog mood

To start off, sorry for the very long blog, but it's an intense story.

So I already watched the new episode of Bones and Grey's Anatomy, and I was bored so I went back to look at blogs again! also, to further put off my make up work in great books. haha

and then I remembered a great story I should tell! So Mom and I went to Disney World, which was totally awesome! lots of fun, those who aren't going to Disney 2010 or 2009 should try harder to be able to, b/c there are some freaking cool things there.

but this post is not about the trip. before I left, I made sure my rat (which is a different rat from the one w/ the phone charger over Christmas) had plenty of food and I filled up her water all the way, then made a mental note to text Chaelomen or MJ or maybe even The Wizard so that they might check up on her and make sure she still has food and water. her liter would be fine. all the way to the airport it felt like I was forgetting something, but the feeling either passed or I just got used to it b/c by the time we were in Florida, all was forgotten.

who thought of mental notes anyway? they're dumb and pretty much never work out, at least not for me.

it was a few hours after we got home like 2 days ago that I remembered I have a rat up in my room. so I go up to check on her, open the door and see her empty food dish! and empty water bottle! oh no! Regan (this is the rat, named after one of the daughters in King Lear) was on the bottom of her cage, still alive, and I grabbed her water bottle and went to the bathroom to fill it up. when I came back, she was on the top shelf of her cage. So then I fill up her food right away and she just sorta looks at it, and doesn't touch the water. not good.

She's usually a very bouncy and energetic little rat, she's only like 2 and maybe a half months old, and here she is pretty much not moving, trying to walk and she stumbles a lot. so I picked her up and I'm sitting there holding her trying to get her to take some food or water or anything really. something that'll give me a little hope that she lives. I think she took a piece of food and started to nibble on it, but nothing really. crap. I KNOW she's hungry. you don't go however many days w/o food and not be hungry. you also don't go however many days w/o water and not be thirsty, but she isn't drinking anything either. I even rubbed my finger across her water bottle to get some water on my finger and tried rubbing it around her mouth, but nothing. no interest at all.

so there I am, kinda freaking out a little trying to think of something to do, but I'm drawing a blank. she's a happy rat, just doesn't have any energy to drink or eat, so I went downstairs, got her a Nilla Wafer w/ whipped cream and went up to give that to her. something sweet, so a little burst of energy, and hopefully a little hydrating. she totally ate it all. not the nilla wafer, but all the whipped cream. which is a pretty good thing, and then she starts eating a little more, not drinking still, so it's still bad, but getting better.

I went downstairs to talk to MJ and Chaelomen about it and told them about how I forgot to ask them to check up on her, and Chaelomen asked if she had drank anything. Not that I know of... so then he came upstairs w/ me to try and get her to drink some water.

at this point she's eating. not normally, but enough that she's realized she's hungry or whatever, and Chaelomen held the bottle by her and was squeezing water into her mouth, then after a bit left me to take that over. so by the end of the hour she had enough energy to do her weird eating thing where she takes her food from the top shelf of her cage and carries it to the bottom shelf in the corner to eat. haha like a dog eating on carpet. that's when I decided she could drink water by herself and I could put it back.

by the next morning, several ounces of water were drained. woo! Regan lives!

ha also that morning, I realized I left my socks and underwear at the hotel in Florida. super. haha

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