Oct 27, 2012

These are my confessions.

One of my facebook friends made a comment recently about how hard it is when someone dies, and how people say that when someone you love dies, it will get easier with time, and hearing that isn't helpful. She said, "Well, I really don't think it does. I think the reason it feels that way is because memories are fading away, and it sucks. And you are there, powerless, trying to keep their memory alive, with your heavy heart and empty soul. Terrified you will forget."

I think she has a super valid point, and it goes toward anything. Not just memories of people you love, but memories of anything you loved. This makes me a little sad and I wish I had blogged more when I was in China. I wish I had blogged at least once a week so that all the memories I made there wouldn't have been lost. Thankfully my roommates blogged a lot, so when I go back and read their blogs, I can use their memories.

This is also helpful when looking back at my pictures, which I was doing tonight. And I just wanted to share something ridiculous that I did. I almost forgot about it, so I have to give it a physical form that I can go back to later and read and laugh.

This is the picture that reminded me of said story. That's me with April.

In this picture, we were all on vacation in Sanya. One morning, April and I went out to go shopping. Now, I don't know if everyone here has seen the new Karate Kid, but in it, Dre's mom mentions how amazing the ice cream in China is. And it's totally true! China has some of the grossest ice cream I've ever had, but it also has some of the best. So whenever we saw the ice cream freezers, we always had to look and see if there was anything good.

Well this particular morning, I searched and searched through one of the freezers, and found ONE cone left of my favorite kind of Chinese ice cream. It was a miracle! I bought it, and opened it, and started to eat it.

And then the worst thing ever happened. Before I could even get to the good part, I dropped it! My poor ice cream tumbled to the ground, and I didn't stand a chance of finding another one. I was sad, and picked it up, and started walking to the trash can.

But then, I remembered an episode of How I Met Your Mother (that link just goes to a clip, not the full episode). I probably should stop living my life so much based on things that happen in that show, and this was something that I vaguely recognized at the time, but all I could think of was this ice cream and how delicious it would taste, and how we didn't even have this kind of ice cream back in our hometown anymore.

Though China is the dirtiest place I've ever been in my life. Ever. We literally had to sweep at least twice a week. My socks were always black just from walking around our apartment. Think of how bad the stores must be. Think of how bad the streets must be!

But this clip, it just kept popping into my head. If Marshall can pick his dropped calzone up off the sidewalk of New York City and eat it, why can't I pick up an ice cream cone off the floor of a random Chinese convenience store and eat it? (Because, Bridget, How I Met Your Mother is a TV show. That didn't really happen. Germs are real. Don't eat food off the ground.)

It wasn't my proudest moment... Don't judge. This was possibly the last time I would ever be able to eat this ice cream. And it was delicious. I blew it off first. And I didn't get sick.

I would do it again. No regrets.

Though, honestly? I don't even remember what kind of ice cream it was. I couldn't tell you any details about it to save my life. I don't even remember if it came in a cone or if it was on a popsicle stick.


Susie said...

I would have done the same thing. :)

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