May 13, 2012

There are just so many emotions in my head right now.

I just finished Mistborn about 10 hours ago. I stayed up all night to read it and didn't actually go to sleep until about 7 this morning. It was so good. Highly recommended. If the bookstore was open at 3am, I would definitely already own the 2nd in the trilogy (Well of Ascension) and be a good way through it, probably.

It's really interesting, because for most of the book, there's two main characters that you get the point-of-view from, and I really like how well Brandon Sanderson did that. Both characters had really interesting insights and fun stories going on in their life. There wasn't ever a point where he switch POV character and I was sad because now I had to read about something boring.

Very good read. I'm currently really angry at the book, I feel betrayed, but I'm also really happy and hopeful. So, it's just pretty necessary that I get this 2nd book asap. I made a deal with myself that if I cleaned one of the rooms downstairs, I could buy the 2nd book, and then read it. And after I cleaned the other room, I could buy the 3rd one-- Hero of Ages. I foresee my cleaning all night and then going to Barnes and Noble at 9am tomorrow morning when they open to get Well of Ascension.

Seriously, though. Such a good book. Everyone should read it and love it.


Berserk said...

Quite the recommendation, I'm definitely going to try it again.

After Song of Ice and Fire, of course.

Samara said...

Haha fair enough. I have the trilogy if you need it. That's a funny story actually.

I went to the bookstore to get Well of Ascension, and when I got there, they had single copies of Mistborn, and single copies of Hero of Ages, but none for Well of Ascension. They did have a box set of all three, though, and I really wanted to know how the story ends, so I took it to the info booth to find out how much it costed.

The lady took it to scan it, and as she did another worker came back and told me it's a good set, so I explained that I've already read the first, but they didn't have just the 2nd, so I'm considering this instead. She checked for me to see if they had one in the back, by chance. They didn't, but they do sell it, so she said she could order me one if I wanted.

I thought about it, and decided I did not want to wait. So now I have 2 copies of Mistborn, but I'm selling the new one to one of my friends for 5 bucks. :) Which will have made for the trilogy costing me the same amount as two of the books alone would have.

Susie said...

hmm... After reading THAT I'm going to go look at the basement. :)

Samara said...

Haha... yess...

Because I definitely followed this plan...