Feb 23, 2010


Has anyone heard of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs before? Is it like University of Colorado in Denver? Because apparently they want me to consider going there.

They even said-- in a letter to our family-- that "Bridget has goals and ambitions and we can help" and "We know that UCCS can challenge Bridget academically." Which is kinda cool, that they put my name into the letter.

However, I think I'm still going to Metro.

But hooray for noticing that I "scored well about the average" for my ACT scores :)

P.S. I think it's funny that "blogs are dying" and this is the most I've ever blogged before in my life. I'm like a real blogger!


Susie said...

Me too on the blogging thing. Maybe it's because we're desperate to keep our blogs alive?

Jason said...

Or maybe it's because things come and go.

I don't know anything about UCCS, but congrats whichever school you choose. I've heard that the police department at UCCS is a little bit more competent than the department at the Aurora campus, but that really doesn't take much.

TheWizard said...

Dang... blogs dead??? and I just started blogging again.