Feb 1, 2010

TCH EMS LOL and more TLAs

This past Thursday and Friday I ditched school to go to a TCH EMS Conference. The crew paid for me to go, and it was pretty cool. Basically the entire it was just a bunch of lectures. Most were an hour long, but some on Thursday were only a half hour. And a lot of the presenters had cool information, but were really REALLY boring. Like the lady who spoke about different drugs. I would be lying if I said I was awake the whole time.

But there were a couple of speaker in particular who did an amazing job. Jason Dush (which rhymes with "plush," but I can only imagine the teasing he got for that name) was one and he had a nice way of capturing the audience's attention. He gave personal stories, and had funny little comics or videos he would put up, and he didn't linger on one specific thing too long. He was pretty good at keeping the pace up. He gave 3 lectures. One about stress and 2 more about delivering babies.

Then the girl who was in charge of putting the conference together was really funny (although her name was not really funny, so I don't actually remember it) and very nice. She only had a half hour to go over an hour and a half's worth of material. So she was talking really fast and would freak out periodically about how much time she didn't have, which was kinda awesome. She gave a really cool lecture about special needs children.

It was a good way to spend a few days. I learned some really interesting things. We talked about robots and kids who get strokes or heart attacks and ALTE and autism and pharmacology and terrorists and a lot of NAT stuff and OB stuff and not backboarding patients who you regularly would, and I got presents, so what wouldn't be good about that? That's right, I am now the proud owner of a PEN LIGHT! It's awesome. I love it. And I have my very own pocket knife.

And in case you're wondering, because I was...
TCH- The Children's Hospital
EMS- Emergency Medical Service
NAT- Non Accidental Trauma
LOL- Laugh Out Loud
TLA- Three Letter Acronym
ATLE- Acute Life Threatening Events (although I'm disappointed that's not a TLA)


Jason said...

Non-Accidental Trauma? What a bizarre way to say that!

Carolyn said...

yeah is non accidental trauma just a self inflicted injury of some sort?

Samara said...

I guess it could be self injury. But usually it refers to abuse.

Carolyn said...

ooh check...