Feb 28, 2010

Strike Two!

I tried to do my homework, honest. But the search engine I was going to use is apparently only accessible from school, unless you have a password. Which I don't, so I'll do what I can now then finish really quick during intervention tomorrow morning.

So for the 2nd time, I tried baking macaroons. The first time they turned out way too watery because I had over beaten the eggs, and also I tried using fresh, fine chopped coconut instead of shredded coconut. They turned out... well, less than pretty.

Ha. They don't actually look too bad in this picture, but believe me, they were really runny and seemed to get worse the more I cooked them... mmm...

Anyway, so this time, instead of deciding that "fold the coconut with the egg whites" basically means the same as "beat the coconut in with the egg whites," I beat the eggs until they were stiff, and then beat the sugar in with that, just like the recipe said. But, unfortunately, the recipe is off. You should beat the eggs until they're almost stiff, then add sugar and stiffen them the rest of the way. So again, my batter was quite watery.

I hadn't actually added the coconut, though, so mom pulled up a different macaroon recipe and I tried that. They cookies still turned out less than perfect, but they tasted good. The only problem is that stuck to the wax paper really bad haha. Man. Everyone likes eating wax with their cookies, right?

Bonus, though, because (this being her recipe) Sara's mom said that next time I'm at their house, she'll show me how to make macaroons haha. Yay.


Susie said...

Score... We'll get macaroons from Sara's mom, right? :)

Samara said...

I Write Like Stephen King