Feb 21, 2010

Just because I want to put off my homework more...

This last weekend I went to do med support on a Klondike. It was actually fun. I'm surprised about that, because I thought it would be awful. But everyone was very nice and welcoming, they all learned my name (although I only know the names of 1 or 2 of them) and we weren't very busy. We had a few cold hand, only 2 of which were seriously cold. Like, near frost-bite cold. And then we had an upset stomach after dinner and some kid who, in my humble opinion, just wanted to go home and so he had "chest pains."

I did accidentally steal one of the belt clips for the radios, though, so I'll have to give that back tomorrow.

Also, I got the name of my German exchange kid. For those of you who didn't know, I'm participating in GAPP (German-American Partnership Program) and we're having a girl named Elli come visit us from March 28th to April 18th. It will be fun, and I hope everyone will come visit her :) and be friendly, so she likes Colorado.

Then guess what I found out? This guy-- Tony Horton, inventor of P90X-- guess how old he is??

I was thinking something like... 28-32 ish.

Nope, I was watching a commercial, and he's 51! I was completely shocked. I mean, seriously, 51! In this picture!

I hope I look like that when I'm 51. Well, only more feminine...


Susie said...

And hopefully you'll need a bra more than he does.

Samara said...

I'm pretty sure that has to do with being more feminine... ha