Feb 6, 2010

I'm 18!

Hooray! I'm an adult! Technically.

To celebrate that, some of my friends are going to take me to the Grizzly Rose to go mechanical bull riding :D I'm so excited. It's going to be really fun.

Then on my birthday, I had a few friends (20 or so) over and we played Bigger or Better.

If you've never heard of bigger or better, you break off into groups, we had 4 or 5 in each, and you each get something little, like a tooth pick or a paper clip, or we had clothes pins. Then each group goes around door to door and says, "Hi. We're playing Bigger or Better. Do you have anything bigger or better than this [clothes pin] that you'd be willing to trade us for?" The rules that we set were you have to be able to carry it back to my house and that you can't drive anywhere.

It was cool. There were only a few people who didn't want to trade us anything. And one house who we knocked at the door, and they didn't answer, so we left. Then as we were walking further up the street I see them looking through the window. I thought that they might have wanted to talk to us, but just got to the door too late, so I waved and started walking back up to the door. But no, they did not want to talk to us because everyone left the window except the lady who stares at me and closes the blinds. It was pretty funny actually. I thought that only happened on movies.

Anyway. We traded the clothes pin for a paper towel roll, which we traded for a giant pencil, which we traded for little shoe keychain, which we traded for a pad of paper (which is not bigger or better than the shoe keychain. I mean, come on, it was a little tiny converse!) and then we got to the next house. I'm pretty sure I found another Mormon family in our neighborhood, btw. But I asked if she had anything bigger or better to trade for our pad of paper. And then I suggested broken appliances or things she was planning on giving away to Good Will or something, and so she gave us an old fax machine! Which we traded for a MINI FRIDGE! It worked too! It was not broken!

Obviously, we won. haha It was a lot of fun. If no one has played Bigger or Better ever, I think you should. Right now.

Thanks to Scooter for telling me about it :)


Scooter said...

You're welcome :) I'm glad to hear you had a better bigger and better experience than my last one!

MJ said...

You should have kept the mini fridge. It was YOUR birthday, after all... and let us borrow it for a spell... :)

Chaelomen said...

You know, by some standards you're not an adult until you hit 21, or even 25.

Samara said...

25? Who says that?

Chaelomen said...

Car insurance people.