May 25, 2014

But... but this means I can't be lazy.

Yesterday was a pretty busy day at work. We were really busy on and off throughout the day, but what made me, at least, extra busy is how much training I was doing. The first thing I did was a class, which was a lot of fun and I got to climb for it, and then I cleaned and did a belay assessment for the next couple hours, and then I did a ton of training with one of our new kids. It was fun, we did a mock rock climbing party. All a lovely day. But I was pretty tired by the time I got off at 3:30. It was nice to finally get to go home.

So nice that I thought, with the babysitting money I made the other day, I'd stop at Family Dollar on the way home and pick up some treat (hot cheetos and the movie Fired Up). The rest of my day was going to consist of watching the movie and How I Met Your Mother. It was going to be glorious.

Which obviously means that I will be called back into work. Not ten minutes after I got home, I got a call from PDRC. Oh no. I answer the phone, and it's my boss.
"This is Bridget."
"Hi Bridget, this is Tony."
"Hey Tony, what's up?"
"I'm calling because we're having a bit of a scheduling [at this point in my life, I realize I have no idea how to spell this word... snaphue? snafoo? hm.] at BCC and we were wondering if you'd be available to work from, well, now until, I'm not really sure, maybe 8 or 8:30?"
"Uh, what would I be doing?" I feel the need to emphasize here that I don't actually work at BCC. I was hired to work the rock wall at PDRC, and then I volunteered to close the building at BCC for my bosses, but my job is still really just at the rock wall. I don't know how to do any of the jobs that exist at BCC. The other day, someone asked me if I could cover his kitchen duty shift, and I have absolutely no idea what that even means. I don't know what that would entail, I was not trained for it, I don't even know 100% where that would be. Yes, hello, Bridget? Would you mind flying this plane full of people to Dublin? And actually, I was already working when he needed me to cover, so I couldn't on two counts, but it was still kinda intimidating that he'd even think to ask me. I don't work with you! Stop thinking of me as your coworker! You don't think of Tracey or Adam as your coworkers, why me?
"It's a rental, I think there's a birthday party or graduation party or something."
"Ok. I can do that, I live about 40 minutes away, and I'm not actually sure what all that entails. I've never been trained for it or anything."
"Sure, I think it's mostly just about checking in with the party when it starts and making sure they have everything they need." You can do it, you've flown in planes before. To Dublin, even! Plus, you know how to drive a car, right?
"You're the first person I've called," Why, are you trying to punish me for something? "and if you can't,  that's ok, I thought I'd see if you're still around and not doing anything and wanted to cover it." Hm. I wish I possessed the ability to say no to covering a shift without feeling guilty about it.
"Yeah, sure I can come in."
"Great! I'll tell them at BCC that you'll be in about 5:15."

There's just something about being able to work-- not having other plans-- and having someone call me or talk to me in person to ask if I can work... I feel so guilty if I say no. They're in need! I need to help them! If they're asking me, they must be desperate! The closest I ever get to saying no when I'm available is, "I can, just this is the only day I have off in ---- weeks," and then they try to see if anyone else can cover instead of me. But I'm still fully prepared to go in if they need me to.

Anyway, I heat up a breakfast burrito since I haven't eaten since breakfast, and I get back in my car and head down to BCC.

When I get there, I walk down the hallway to where I'm pretty sure I'll meet up with everyone who needs to talk to me and tell me what exactly I'm doing. And as I do so, the girl who I thought I was relieving sees me.

"Oh, Bridget, I didn't call you in time."
"Melanie's here, she came for her shift, you can go home."
Grumble grumble.

Haha. In her defense, the girl I was coming in to cover for offered to let me stay and work if I wanted to so I wouldn't have driven all the way out for nothing. But no, no no no, I'm ok. I really don't want a sense of a purpose that much actually.

However, I also didn't actually want to have driven all the way out to Broomfield for nothing, so I stopped at the rec center to climb. Fortunately, while I was there, I was talking to my boss and told him about what happened, and he let me add an extra half hour of pay for the day for driving out there (and also for bringing in some traffic cones from a blood drive that was going on earlier). Quite nice, and then I also convinced one of my coworkers to stay and climb with me after the wall closed, because we were busy for the last half hour I was there, so I couldn't get a belay from the guy who was working, and I didn't want to just climb the autobelay.

So what would have been the most obnoxious night ever turned out to be a really nice night, actually. Still makes for a fun story to tell, though.


TheWizard said...

There's a line between being needed and wanted; between being valuable and indispensable.

And SNAFU is the correct spelling. It's an acronym: Systems Normal-All Fouled Up. FOOBAR is the clean spelling for a related acronym from the same era. Fouled up beyond all recognition. You can recover from a snafu. But when something is foobar, shake your head in disbelief and walk away.

Samara said...

I suppose. But at the same time, if I cover when they ask me to, they'll remember that later when I want a shift covered, but don't necessarily need it off. Plus, I do like the extra hours.

And gracias :)