Aug 21, 2008

One more day?

School started on Wednesday which is kinda dumb. Just randomly in the middle of the week... and on a short day, but whatever. I like short days.

My schedule is:

First quarter: per 1/2 anatomy, 3rd off, 4th trig, 5/6 great books, 7/8 marching band
2nd quarter: per 1/2 anatomy, 3rd off, 4th trig, 5/6 great books, 7th off, 8th symphonic
2nd semester: 1st off, 2nd women's fitness, 3rd off, 4th trig, 5/6 great books, 7th off, 8th symphonic.

So far, anatomy is pretty fun. I mean, I've only been there two days but it's a good class that I'm liking. They have a lot of fun stuff planned like a CADAVER LAB! if my grades are good enough, so I'll be working hard on that :D haha

Trig is alright, but going over the review, it kinda seems like I didn't take the class last year. Yep, that's how much I retained over the summer. Which hasn't ever happened to me before, I've never forgotten math over summer break... hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come...

Great books is alright, there's a lot of work, but it's a pretty cool class so far. And by a lot of work, I mean I've had to read both last night and tonight for homework. haha but we had a seminar in class today. It was interesting. I'm not quite sure what I got out of it-- either society is in a repetitive but progressive cycle, or we've just been going in circles forever. And that came from a story about a guy who says man=no life, a short film about Joshua who escapes a box only to trap someone in a box, and a story about drunk boatmen who forgot to untie the knots on their stolen boat before setting sail... We're just deep like that.

Then band is... lame. haha I'm playing symbols in our parades this year. What's more exciting than that? Maybe also being in pit for our entire field show. I don't do much during practice, but it does make for an easy A.

That's my day in a wrap. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday, I totally thought it was Thursday tomorrow, but I didn't think it was Wednesday today... weird haha

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