Jul 12, 2013

But I just want to read. :(

Oh man. Moving is a lot of work. I suddenly forgive Jason for never updating anything while he was moving. Not that I was angry or bitter, I just always thought it was funny that he would play warlight, and aside from that I would never hear anything from him.

Now I totally understand.

I will continue reading soon. I've been cleaning out my room and throwing away approximately half of everything I own. Which is not something I've done for at least 3 years, and apparently I accumulate a ton of crap. But I really haven't had a whole lot of time between work and cleaning and helping my friends move and whatnot to read. At all. The Blade Itself, Game of Thrones, What Every Body is Saying. None of it. Someday soon, I know it, I will start up again.

Anyway, either after mom and dad sell the house or once Sep hits (whichever comes first), I'm moving in with a couple friends, so that'll probably be in a monthish? Maybe two months. I'm excited. Moving forward with adulthood and all that, finally. After all these years of talking about moving out, I'm actually doing it haha.

But for now, I'm off to finish cleaning. I just wanted to not abandon ship, here.