Feb 1, 2012

Older than the Internet.

For the record, I have no idea what I am still doing up. I have class tomorrow. A long, long day of class. In case you don't know, my day starts at 8:20-8:25 am when I have to leave for my 9:30 class, and doesn't end until about 8:50 pm, when I get home from my last class that ends at 7:45. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it. I'm currently choosing to be optimistic), I have a nice, big 3 hour break from 10:45-2. Anyway, it's later than I should still be awake, I just want to announce this properly, before I head off.

In 3 days, it will be my birthday, and I will officially no longer be a teenager. So far in my life, I've graduated high school, worked 1 or 2 jobs (depending on if you count ILP), lived on the other side of the world, totaled my car, started learning 2 foreign languages, held the lives of many living creatures in my hands, started writing a book (which has a solid plot, but only a couple physical pages. I think I'm too afraid it won't turn out to be as awesome as I once hoped it would be), and I've lived through a year that's divisible by 100, but was still a leap year. I think it's been a successful life so far, and I intend to keep it going in awesome level.

Mostly, though, I think I've hit this point where I don't really care that my birthday's on Saturday. It's just another day. To be fair, nothing exciting happens when you turn 20. Still can't book a room at picky hotels. Still considered an adult by society. And it doesn't really seem that far off since I turned 19.

Come to think of it-- something exciting is happening this Sat. Mom is going to Disney World! Not with me, though. I wasn't even invited. Ha, I'm kidding. Well, no I'm not. I wasn't invited. I just don't mind. I would've turned down the invite anyway. I have too many awesome classes this semester. Which reminds me... I should go to sleep ha. Night everyone! Happy February!


Susie said...

Just FYI, I had pangs of guilt when I realized what day I was leaving for WDW with Mona... And I promise to bring back an awesome souvenir if you want to start thinking of something.

I had fun tonight. :)

Love you.


Samara said...

I actually really don't want to start thinking of something. So, bonus, you can not bring me back anything and still not have broken your promise, since it was conditional upon me thinking of something I'd want. :)