Apr 29, 2011

My Last Day of Work

Last Saturday was my last day of working at Target. It was wonderful. Well. It wasn't wonderful, it kinda sucked. Day before Easter is always super busy. But the not being there anymore was wonderful.

Target's not a bad place to work or anything, but Christmas is a really busy and awful time to work there, so everyone hates it. But that's just Christmas, and once Christmas is over, the people who work there can be divided into 2 groups: those who still hate it like it were Christmas, and those who go back to liking their job fine. Apparently I fall into the former, so I put my 2 weeks in. I'll go to school this summer (I'm taking Ethics, Logic Language and Persuasion, and Abnormal Psychology. Ethics is for my major, logic and persuasion is for my communications credit, and abnormal psychology is for my minor) and then I'll be in China this fall. When I get back, I'd like to try to get a job as a waitress. Which is a weird aspiration, I know, but I'd really like to work in a sit down restaurant until I can start my career. Don't judge.

Regardless, this post is actually (supposed to be) about some prom kids I met on my last day.

I was backup cashiering, and I was checking out a lady in my lane. She was talking to 3 boys who were in line behind her. Apparently they go to the same school as her son, and they all had prom that night. After I finish with her, I start checking out Prom Kid #1. He bought a bouquet and some gum, and paid with a card. While he's messing with the card reader, I look at the Prom Kid #2's stuff, and he only has one thing:
A box of condoms.

So I kinda laugh, then I smile and look at him, pointing to the condoms and say, "Classy." He just looks down kinda bashful and all embarrassed and just says, "Yeah..." Then after a few seconds he's like "I'm still a good kid!" I just laughed and said, "I'm not judging," then I scanned his stuff (and btw- he definitely wanted a bag. Said please and everything) and after he paid, Prom Kid #1 and#2 went off to stand with their dates. I checked out Prom Kid #3 (bought a bouquet) and told them to have fun at prom. Then I turned to Prom Kid #2 and said, "And you-- have fun at after prom."

Unfortunately, Prom Kid #1 and #2 were busy talking to their dates, so they didn't hear, but Prom Kid #3 thought it was funny, so he relayed the message for me.

I take joy in knowing that those kids will never forget me.


Susie said...

Sweetie, no one who meets you will ever forget you. :)

Hey, I feel cheated. My word verification has no vowels.

Jason said...

Ha! Well done!