Apr 30, 2011

He's been born!

And by "he," I'm of course referring to the actor who will play Ender.

I should be asleep. I know. But today I was looking at status updates on facebook, and I learned that Neil Gaiman is going to be making an adult version of The Graveyard Book (which I'm really excited for. The children's book was pretty good).

Now I know what you're thinking. Or at least I know what you should be thinking. Neil Gaiman didn't write Ender's Game, so what does he have to do with anything.

Well, the question's been brought up by pretty much everyone who's read it: Will there be a difference between the adult version of The Graveyard Book and the children's edition, or is it going to be the exact same story, just with a different cover. Of course, Gaiman hadn't answered the question (yet) on facebook, so I turned to google to find an answer.

What I found instead was about 4 or 5 minutes of Gaiman reading The Graveyard Book. I've always thought it was cool to hear how the author wanted the tone of the book to be read. So, with my intense love of Ender's Game, I tried finding a snippet of Orson Scott Card reading Ender's Game. I didn't find anything too promising on google, so I turned to youtube.

When I went to type "orson scott card reading ender's game," the suggested search came up for "orson scott card ender's game movie" and that seemed potentially more interesting. What I found was Card talking about the progress being made in the production of the movie, and I'm really excited now :D

Also, speaking of books being made into movies, I'm really excited for Hunger Games to be made into a movie. I approve of the actors chosen for the characters so far.


Susie said...

You know, Levin Rambin used to be on All My children. She played Lily.

Samara said...

That's... cool... Why is it relevant?

Samara said...

Oh nevermind. Ha. She's playing Glimmer in Hunger Games. :D

Shinobi said...

Is this the neil gaimen video you found?


That site, I think, has the whole book :)

Samara said...

That is not the site I found, but it is much more exciting :)

Jason said...

Ender's Game movie? Sweet!