May 19, 2010

Hooray 2010!

So graduation was this week. It totally rocked. Chaelomen's was on Sunday, then mine was on Monday.

Chaelomen gave me bunny ears. I didn't notice for the first picture, but I did for this one.

We all look the same, so I circled me. Within a 2-person radius.

I played cymbols for my last concert. Woo haha.

I got my Five Star Diploma :D
(Which means that I:
-earned 23 credits
-had at least a 3.5 GPA
-got proficient or advanced on all my CSAP scores
-got a 23 or more on my ACTs
-met CDHD requirements
-participated in all state-mandated assessments)

He refused to give me a kiss haha. But politely.
It was fun. Definitely a lot better than the ones I'd been to the past few years, playing in the band.


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Haha thanks :D

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Looking good!