Apr 25, 2010


So while I've had Elli in town, I haven't really been blogging. In case you couldn't tell. Nor have I been reading blogs. But I'm back, now!

We had a ton of fun with Elli, and she got to stay and extra few days which was fun. :D One day, we went to Barnes and Noble and I read little kid books to her and Alli and Ally, I was sitting on the book reading chair and they were on the benches around me. It was fun. Then we went to Cost Plus World Market and looked around there. We went to Michael's after that, so Alli could get some stuff for graduation (May 17th! 2 pm!) and then we went to Wendy's. We hung out with my friend Allen on his lunch break, and then we went to Ally's house after to play some card games. That night at 10:15 ish, we went to see Alice in Wonderland (again!), then we went back to Ally's house to stay the night. It was awesome.

Also, we had prom while she was here. It was cool.

We had a lot of people, some joined us after this picture was taken.

I went with Talon

We ate at Wendy's
We went mini golfing. I posed like a rockstar. Not on purpose, though. I wish I knew what I was doing here.
We didn't actually dance much, but we did take many pictures. (most are on facebook)
We did afterprom at boondocks
And we had breakfast at IHOP. It rocked :D

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