Apr 2, 2010

Just when you thought it couldn't get better.

I was wrong about the attendance. The rule is that it has to be 95%, and Nora's was just under that.

I'm not really sure if I mentioned it, but the deans refused to look it up for her. They said that wasn't something they could do. Well guess what? Nora gets online the other day-- on scholar's mart-- and she checks out her attendance. Who knew it was that easy? Guess what it was? A 94.8%

That's just .2% away from being able to go to prom. And guess what still wasn't fixed? 5 absences! Who does that?! Who tells a student that they can't go to prom when they are .2% away and they have 5 absences just because they didn't get it fixed before the "deadline"?! Rude rude rude rude.

And as far as what her mom did to fix it-- she called in and excused the absences.

In other news, Elli is here and she's totally awesome. I feel bad for not taking her out to do more stuff. We just sorta sit around and watch a movie or play card games. But she's a lot of fun and doesn't really seem to mind. But we're going to see Alice in Wonderland, I believe, and then on Sunday morning we're going to Red Rocks to see some Easter ceremony thing. I'm not really sure, but it should be cool.


Scooter said...

if you guys are interested, I'd be up to going to estes with you guys and walking around up there- it's really a cool city :)

Samara said...

Sweet :D When?

MJ said...


that's my word verification.

i've got nothing else to say.

Samara said...

I Write Like David Foster Wallace