Oct 17, 2013

You Shall Pass!

I had two midterms this week (both yesterday, conveniently) and they actually went pretty well, I think.

So I was always under the impression that I'm an introvert. For my entire life, I've always believed that. Until like 6 months ago, when I was reading a couple buzzfeed things that people had posted on facebook. One of them was something like "20 feelings that only introverts will understand" and the other was "20 feelings that only extroverts will understand." I read the introvert one first, and understood most of the feelings. Then I was curious so I read the extrovert one, and you know what? I understood most of those, too.

And that was when I decided people are probably not always one or the other, but have episodes of both characteristics.

That was also when I decided that I'm actually way more of a social creature than I realized. It's not necessarily that I'm an extrovert, though. It's not like I desire to go out and talk to random strangers on the street and make friends with people I just met at concerts or whatever. And I do know people like that. It's kinda amazing, a little. But I do like to spend quality time with my friends, both one on one and as a group, and I also like getting to know people who I'm around frequently. Like during class.

Which is what's been cool about school this semester! In previous semesters, I always had multiple classes with the same people because my science classes have a lab with them, and there's always at least a little bit of overlap with the people there. Plus, being in lab with people (especially chem labs, in my limited experience) is a lot of waiting around for reactions to happen. So also a lot of chatting with the people around you and getting to know them. With not having any science classes this semester, I didn't think I'd have that.

But oh, was I wrong. I have two linguistic classes this semester, and there's quite a handful of people who are in both of them. That's been really helpful with getting to know these people, because we have more things to talk about. Which has been good for class, because all these people are like, "Hey, we should do a study session for the midterm in semantics." And then I actually study for my tests (a first for me) and before they happen (another first haha).

On top of that I've got this one random kid, Dante, who I sat by the first day of semantics, and he was like, "Wanna be my sign in buddy?" and ever since, we've been study buddies and I even went over to his house to do my homework, which I then had finished well before it was due (another first!) and it made for a nice relaxing weekend with no homework obligations or procrastination. I was amazed. I might pick up that habit more often. Maybe.

Anyway, after semantics, I usually walk over to health with Dante and we talk, which then helps me get engaged in talking to the rest of the kids in that class. And in ASL, there's a bunch of kids who were in my ASL 1 class last semester, so we're all friends and we talk to each other. In fact on of them, I've noticed, will sign to me and we have like real conversations in sign language, but the other girls he sits by, he specifically doesn't sign to them. He talks to them and is super friendly and all, but if I try talking to him, he signs back to me because he knows I'll understand and we both like the practice. It's cool.

And all of that is how I end up studying and actually being prepared for my midterms and tests this semester. It's fantastic. I'm pretty sure (as I usually am, really) that I will pass all my classes, and that I did well on my midterms, and I'm excited.

PS, I hope you guys like how I came back full circle, there, to tie in my tests again at the end. Yes. :)

Oh also. Since I'm done with tests and such, I had time to read The Blade Itself, so I'll have a Rocky Reads up for that tomorrow, probably. :) yay! I'm a terrible person for ever writing such promises. Haha.


Berserk said...

Ah, Rocky Reads. Sweet!

Every time I take a personality test I score just barely introvert or just barely extrovert.

Samara said...

Haha, yes. Rocky Reads tonight!

That's funny. Whenever I did a personality test and it told me I was an extrovert, I just assumed it messed something up and didn't know what it was talking about.

PS, I totally got an A on both my semantics and ASL midterms :) Yay.