Jul 18, 2010

James Bond meets Matrix

So Inception was really good. It blew my mind on many levels, and I think I wanna go see it again. Just so you all know.

I haven't heard anyone say that they didn't like it, either. Except for Alli, but it was a little over her head.

We went to see it for Sara's birthday, and her parents paid for all of us, which was really cool, but it was a really good movie. There weren't too many "slow parts" and the parts that were less action-y weren't boring. So, I recommend seeing it. There's nothing after the credits, though. So you don't have to wait there all sadly, hoping they'll throw in something else to blow your mind.


Jason said...

Sounds cool, I might have to make that one happen soon.

Suzi said...

I think it's supposed to be playing at the drive in soon... we might have to splurge and see it if it's not.

Samara said...

I Write Like Cory Doctorow.