Mar 10, 2010

Adventures from French!

So for the past month in French, we've had a sub because our real teacher was in Mexico and Quebec. Our sub was pretty cool because she tried to explain things really thoroughly and she didn't get mad if we didn't understand something, and she also had us do a lot of different things like act out the play we were reading (Le Malade Imaginaire) and some other stuff.

There was this one time that the sub was trying to teach us about pronouns. For the AP test we're taking at the end of the year, there's a section where a bunch of words will be left out, and we just have to know what word would go there. There's no word bank or anything, you just have to know. The possibilities are ALL of the pronouns. Out of the nine of us in that class, only 2 of them barely understand pronouns, and the rest of us are just completely lost.

So I was looking at the sub, trying to pay attention so that maybe I could understand this a little and not be totally screwed over for that part of the test. But everything she was saying was just completely lost on me, so I was zoning out a little. Not so much that I had the glazed-over-eyes thing going, and I was still looking at her, but I wasn't there mentally at all. Instead, I was thinking about roller blading through the school.

(I think about weird things. Once on the bus home from a college campus I was visiting with my friend Sara, we were both lost deep in thought. I had a very serious expression on my face, so when Sara asked what I was thinking about, I just laughed a little. "Really?" "Yes..." "I was thinking about how much it would suck to be able to feel a pea under 47 mattresses.")

Anyway, so I was thinking about roller blading through the school, and particularly into the band room. I was considering how fun it would be, then with my semi-morbid thought patterns, I though about "What if I skated into the band room and on my way in got impaled by a music stand?!" This thought terrified me. More than it should have, because the odds of that happening are slim to none, even under the best (or would you say worst in this case...) circumstances.

This is the best part-- the sub hadn't made eye contact with me since I drifted off. Not that she was avoiding me, but I am only one student who doesn't understand at all. So at the moment that I consider being impaled by a music stand and a look of pure terror fills my eyes, she makes eye contact.

It was really funny-- she gets this look in her eyes like she's concerned for and sorry about what she assumes to be my fear of pronouns.


TheWizard said...

There's a name for that:
I just made it up.

Carolyn said...

I believe in this case, it is Francopronounphobia.

Jason said...

Sometimes a pronoun is just a pronoun.

Scooter said...

don't worry... the pronouns won't hurt you anymore.





Samara said...

I Write Like Gertrude Stein