Sep 20, 2009

"Jay" walking

So for one of my classes this semester, media concepts, we're going around the school and asking Jaywalking-type questions. You know, common-knowledge questions that some people don't know the answer to. Then laugh at their stupidity...

(4th, 6th, and 8th grade level questions)

(fourth of July questions)

We got to watch these two during class, which was pretty sweet. Anyway, I post this blog asking for help.

Our questions we've been asking the school are too easy. The hardest one we had-- How many planets are in the solar system? (8) Someone actually said 12. Uhh, can you name all those, sir?

We thought the questions were fine, but then we read another groups questions-- What four presidents do you see at Mount Rushmore?

So we're going to get some new questions, and so if you could, give me your ideas, so we can laugh at my school :)


Carolyn said...

when we did it, it was while bill clinton was president and one of our questions was "who is the 42nd president of the united states". They keyword there is "is" since he was the current president.

Samara said...

haha ok cool :)