Mar 12, 2009

I need...

  1. Samara needs to grow up a bunch here and let him go.
  2. Samara needs some Richard in her life.
  3. Samara needs a forever home.
  4. Samara needs a lobotomy.
  5. Samara needs to change.
  6. Samara needs to stay away from Ridge's "illegitimate" son by Morgan!
  7. Samara needs to have some children.
  8. Samara needs to go away and ponder about her life.
  9. Samara needs to get over the bitterness and grow up for the baby's sake.
  10. Samara needs her spring haircut.
just btw, I used my real name in the search.
w/ Samara...
  1. Samara needs a change.
  2. Samara needs a middle name.
  3. Samara needs love.
  4. Samara needs sleep more
  5. Samara needs to bite some chumps.
  6. Samara needs someone who will be dedicated to care for and feed her properly.
  7. Samara needs to do some shopping.
  8. Samara needs a good pair of snow pants and some better hiking boots.
  9. Samara needs to be sealed up in a well. (haha I knew one of these was coming!)
  10. Samara needs to find Connor, Connor needs to find out who is trying to kill them, and they both have to figure out what to do about this whole baby. (haha)
So, just to explain really quick, I want to say the primary reason that I haven't blogged in SO long. I mean, Frik and David and Wudan have both posted more recently than I have. Chaelomen's posted twice!!
anyway, so the main reason is mostly b/c Scooter has me listed as Poopy Pants on her blog, and the longer I take to update, the less likely people will read that haha


Carolyn said...

haha poopy pants! So is Richard the father of your baby?

Samara said...

pretty much. or Connor...