Dec 31, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So I think it was fun to have everyone over for Christmas. we should do it again sometime.

And thanks, XKorDave, for the phone charger.

I needed it, b/c this one day, I'm feeding my rat. I took out her dish and filled it w/ food, then put it back in the exact same spot it was in. I knew it was the same spot, b/c it was outlined by a black ring. After seeing the the strange black ring I sat there thinking "what is that?" so I traced it around her cage and followed it out and plugged into an outlet. I freaked out a little and pulled the cord out of her cage to discover what its true purpose is-- to charge my phone.

Then I took my rat out of her cage and she was kinda... spazzy... haha

but she's fine now.

Rats. what're you gonna do with them?


Mom said...

Some people would do ANYTHING to have a rat like Aunt Spazzy.

Love you!


Berserk said...

Rats are cool.

Carolyn said...

Aunt Spazzy was the best rat ever.

xkordave said...

I always thought ______ was the best rat ever!

Carolyn said...

haha no name rat was pretty good.